Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is the 3rd sermon in the series "The Touch Of Jesus".

Series: The Touch Of Jesus [#3]


Mark 1:29-31


Jesus came to earth to seek and save the lost. Jesus did that by meeting the needs of individuals and families. The experience in Peter’s home shows this.

Jesus was entering Peter’s home in order to rest. It was the Sabbath and He had just been ministering in the synagogue, teaching and healing. He was tired and needed rest; but when He entered the home, there was another demand made upon Him. Another person needed help.

Mark 1:29-31

The Actions Of Jesus

This was an individual in a single home. There was no crowd, no publicity, no recognition. This was the very purpose for which Jesus came: to minister. He loved and had the power to help, so He helped. Individuals and families were important to Jesus, just as important as the multitude. He often left the multitude in order to help individuals, and even while ministering to the multitude He often turned His attention to the individual.

Jesus visited Peter’s home. Jesus visited the homes and families of those who ministered with Him. He had a very special care and love for families.

Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law. Note that Jesus touched her. We know that He didn’t have to touch her in order to heal her. So why the touch? There is something special about a touch between individuals. There is a communication of warmth, tenderness, and caring.

The Actions Of Peter’s Mother-In-Law

What did Peter’s mother-in-law do once she was healed? She got up and started serving the Lord immediately. She had been sick with a fever and could have sat around for a while claiming weakness and the need to regain her strength. She was not the head of the house. She could have waited to follow the head or wife of the house; but she did neither. But note: she did neither; she immediately arose and began serving her Lord.


When Jesus touches us, we need to get up immediately and begin serving.

When Jesus touches us with power, it is not to make us feel important. His touch of power is for service, not for feelings of self-importance.

When Jesus touches us with power we are not to wait until others begin serving. We are to get up ourselves and launch the ministry of reaching others for the Lord.

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Kenneth Hartwick

commented on Aug 19, 2008

Brief - but you got the point-we are touched/restored to serve thanks

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