Pharisaical Values

1. The Pharisees enjoyed finding fault with everyone around them.

2. The Pharisees were more interested in doing thing right than in doing the will of God.

3. The Pharisees love the codes of Moses more than their Creator

4. The Pharisees gave greater attention to human than spiritual priorities of God.

5. The Pharisees were more concerned about religious programming than in training people in Godliness and truth

6. The Pharisees were so myopic about their procedures and processes that they showed little concern for the macroscopic truth of God and His person

7. The Pharisees were more worried about their reputation than God's reputation

8. The Pharisees loved to sit in the temple and discuss the holy books, but seldom lived out its truth

9. The Pharisees were more concerned about human impressions than the Lord's evaluations of their motives

10. The Pharisees compromised the absolute standards of truth for the sake of their man made rules and regulations

11. The Pharisees were so smugly self-satisfied with their religion that they did not even recognize the Son of God as their Messiah

12. The Pharisees spent most of their energies quarrelling about the length of their prayer shawls than helping the needy.

13. The Pharisees blindness encompassed gender, age, education, race and philosphy.

Christ's Love

1. Christ said, "Before you try to take the speck out of your brother's eye, first remove the log from your own eye. He was concerned about motives.

2. Christ taught our number one priority was to glorify God by loving Him

3. Christ taught that people to seek first God's kingdom and righteousness and then everything else would be given to us.

4. Christ Jesus structured His priorities around a growing of love for God and his people

5. Christ was concerned about the welfare of the whole person

6. Christ's compassion showed mercy to people who He knew would not be able to return the favor

7. Christ's life always involved sacrifice. He told everyone, "If you want to follow Me, you must take up your cross daily and follow Me." Unless you forsake all of your possessions you cannot be my disciple.

8. Christ's joy came from the strength that God gave him.

9. Christ focused on exhibiting love, joy, peace patience in a way that would be multiplied through His disicples.

10. Christ did not particularly feel obliged to keep all of the laws of the Sabbath for He said, "Man was not made for the Sabbath, but the Sabbath was made for man." He taught a hierachy of values.

11. Christ taught that religious observances were merely symbolic of what is in a person's heart.

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