Summary: An in-depth study on the book of Philippians

Philippians Part 17, Chapter 4:1-4:8

I. Introduction to Philippians (4:1)

A. Beloved—27 agapétos (ag-ap-ay-tos') beloved Usage: loved, beloved, with two

special applications: the Beloved, a title of the Messiah (Christ), as beloved beyond all others by the God who sent Him; of Christians, as beloved by God, Christ, and one another.

1. Commonly used by Paul in his letter—occurs in 11 Letters not counting Hebrews

2. Example-Romans—9 times

3. "Beloved and longed for" is not a mere hurried phrase, or a gush of exuberant feeling

that quickly dries up. There are rivers which dip down and flow underground, and

then come out again into the light. So Paul's love, always flowing though some

times unseen here sparkles in the sunshine. This love was grounded in a common

discipleship of the same Master. To love the same Saviour opens a new fountain

of love in our hearts. As men are drawn to Christ, they are drawn closer to each

other. (Biblical Illustrator)

B. Longed for

1. 1973 epipothétos (ep-ee-poth'-ay-tos)--- greatly desired Usage: longed for,

missed, greatly desired.

2. Longed for, missed, greatly desired. From epi and a derivative of the latter

part of epipotheo; yearned upon, i.e. Greatly loved.

C. Joy

1. 5479 chara (khar-ah')-- joy, delight Usage: joy, gladness, a source of joy.

2. Joy, gladness, a source of joy. From chairo; cheerfulness, i.e. Calm delight.

3. There is no greater joy in the world like bringing another soul to Jesus Christ.

4. Used 16 times in Philippians in more than one form such as rejoice.

5. The source of my joy. He rejoiced in the fact that they had been converted

under him; and in their holy walk, and their friendship. Our chief joy is

in our friends; and the chief happiness of a minister of the gospel is in

the pure lives of those to whom he ministers (Barnes’ Notes)

D. Crown

1. 4735 stephanos (stef'-an-os)-- that which surrounds, a crown Usage: a crown,

garland, honor, glory.

2. properly, a wreath (garland), awarded to a victor in the ancient athletic games

(like the Greek Olympics); the crown of victory

3. Athlete crowned – wild olive leaves, interwoven with green parsley, and bay


4. The crown with which guests were crowned when they sat at a banquet,

at some time of great joy. (WB pg 70)

E. Stand fast

a. stékó (stay'-ko) to stand, stand firm Usage: I stand fast, stand firm, persevere.

b. Used to describe a soldier standing firm in the midst of battle, with the

enemy surging down on him.

II. Euodias and Syntyche (4:2-4:3)

A. Euodias—literally prosperous journey; means sweet savor or frangrance

B. Syntyche—means good luck, fortunate

C. Labored together with Paul at one time in the past

D. Divided—urged to be of the same mind

E. Since Christ cannot be divided, a divided church cannot be tolerated. Such a

Church is a standing contradiction to the unity of Christ’s person.

F. To disrupt the fellowship of Christ’s people is a serious matter. In any church, differences

of opinion will arise, but to let these grow into bitterness and hostility is to contribute to

a fragmenting of fellowship. Love does not insist on its own way; it negotiates in

kindness in a real attempt to determine and do God’s will. We are called on to

exercise our gifts, not to get our way or to wield power in order to win in our

game-playing. (RFR pg 122)

G. A quarrelling church is no church at all, for it is one from which Christ has been shut out.

No man can be at peace with God and at variance with his fellow-men. (WB pg 74)

III. Rejoice in the Lord (4:4)

A. Rejoice—4796 sugchairó (soong-khah'-ee-ro) --to rejoice with Usage: I rejoice with,


B. properly, sharing God's grace with another person, so that both rejoice

together (mutually participate in God's favor, grace).

C. Scriptures: Deuteronomy 12:7 “rejoice in all”; Deuteronomy 16:11; Psalms 5:11

D. Does the lack of joy in Christ not betray a lack of faith?

E. Psalm 16:11 If our spiritual life droops, so does our joy. Every revival of life is

a revival of Joy.

F. Psalm 32:11 There are abundant reasons why God’s people should “Shout for joy

in the Lord.” It is a blessed choice to leave the doubters and join such shouters.

The source of the believer’s joy is not in the world, nor in themselves, but in the

Lord. They sing unto Him a “new song,” because they have been made new

creatures, who enjoy new delights. The rejoice in the Lord because of His:

1. Word 2. Works 3. Lovingkindness

4. Power 5. Knowledge 6. Faithfulness

7. Grace

G. Rejoice—It is our duty and privilege to rejoice in God, and to rejoice in Him always; at

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