Summary: God cares about our physical needs BUT our spirituality is a priority to God!

We are here to worship God who is One but exists in 3 Persons. Although God is all around us and is involved in our lives, God knows we will be blinded with just the physical and so God gave us His Words.

How does one worship someone??

If we are to worship God properly, we need to be at awe with God, listen very carefully to what He is saying, and actually do what He is telling us! So, let us open our Bibles to the Gospel of Mark and worship our God. I have noted this before, if we have the original copies of the books and letters of the Bible, what would happen?? If we have the original writings of the Bible, people would worship the books rather than what is said in the books! People will worship the physical over the spiritual!

Let us worship God by listening to his words. Read along with me and listen with open ears, hearts, and minds the Words of God; Mark 1:29-45…..

Let’s summarize this real historical report from God.

In v29-31 we note again the power of Jesus’ healing power over physical sickness. How many people were healed by Jesus in v29-31??

In v32-34 we note Jesus healing physically and spiritually!

How many people did Jesus heal here??

And so… News spread of Jesus’ power!

v35: Jesus prayed!

When and where did Jesus pray?? Why that time and place??

Jesus is God! Why did Jesus have to pray??

Because Jesus has a relationship with God, conversing and connecting with God was the right thing to do!

You know this is not only true with our relationship with God but true for any of our relationships! If we diminish our conversations and connections with our relationships, those relationships will diminish!

v36: Why do you think everyone was looking for Jesus??

Everyone was looking for Jesus likely because they wanted physical healing. Now, look again at v38-39….. Why did Jesus go somewhere else when there were so many wanting to be healed??

v38-39: Jesus was more concerned about spiritual healing than physical ones!

Jesus desired a spiritual relationship with people, not just a physical one!

In v40-42, we read about a leper physically healed by Jesus. What were the right things that the leper did??

The leper humbled himself before Jesus by kneeling.

The leper affirmed that it is God’s will that matters!

The leper totally believed that Jesus could heal him!

Now, what was one thing you shouldn’t do with a leper??

Why do you think Jesus touched the leper??

Jesus showed no fear and His physical power!

Now, in v43, Why did Jesus tell the healed leper to not publicly talk about the healing??

Again, Jesus did not want a mob of people just looking for physical healing!

v44-45: The healed leper disobeyed Jesus and in spite of Jesus trying to stay away from crowds wanting physical healing, they found Him anyway!

What Biblical Principles from this passage can we apply to our lives today?

First of all, because Jesus Christ, who is God Himself, had a relationship with God, Jesus took prayer seriously! Do we have a relationship with God?

1. The time and effort we give to prayer is an indication of our relationship with God!

Secondly, let us follow the example of the leper when he asked Jesus to heal him.

2. Pray with humility, totally believe God can do what you’re asking, but accept God’s will.

And finally, we noted that multitude of people wanted to see Jesus for the physical healing while Jesus knew they really needed spiritual healing! Now, although Jesus’ focus was spiritual, did Jesus care at all about the physical needs of people?? How do we know??

3. God cares about our physical needs BUT our spirituality is a priority to God! What does God see and hear from us?

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