Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: “anyone who has faith in me will do what I am doing, he will do even greater things cause I will go to the Father.

“Pick up your mat”

Allan H. Kircher

Sermon for Love House Ministries

2nd chapter of Mark, verses 1-12.

• The house was filled

• It was filled/anticipation of hearing/good news/gospel.

• Almost 2000 years ago Jesus filled the house

• A house in Capernaum.

• Today the house filled revival of the Holy Ghost.

• A spirit that is alive.

• The same spirit Jesus shared in Capernaum.

This all began when a man with Leprosy came to Jesus and begged him on his knees and ask “If you are willing”.

• “If you are willing” “If you are willing”

• I pray doesn’t take a life threatening disease to say “If you are willing”.

• Jesus is always willing. AMEN

You see----the man with Leprosy probably thought he was too despicable to get clean…..

• Jesus said “I am willing” “be clean”

• The man had to be elated! Weren’t you?

Then Jesus said “see that you don’t tell anyone of this”


When you accepted Jesus into your heart, could you hold that to yourself?

Weren’t you just exploding with the Holy Spirit, so much so that you had to run and tell everyone?

You were walking around with a glow of the spirit.

So this man whom Jesus saved went out spreading the news-- and as a result-- Jesus could no longer openly enter a town but stayed outside in lonely places.


Mark 2:1-2 ….

Note: He preached the Word to them.

• He peaked their curiosity first/healings/spirit of God.

• Then they came. They came and filled the house.

• Some may have come for a cure, such as palsy or Leprosy…..

• Some may have come out of curiosity……

• Some may have come to catch sight of Him…….

But when they came together He preached to them…..

To proclaim/word/God to men who were lost eternally.

We are here today…together in the house of the Lord…..AMEN….

In the twenty first century……in the house of the Lord there is no difference today then 2000 years ago.

Some of you come here today for a cure, just as they did 2000 years ago.


Leprosy today:

• alcohol, anger, nicotine, drugs

• promiscuous sexual activity etc.,

• So you come today to look and find that cure….

Well, brother Allan, I don’t have those issues……..OK

Leprosy today:

• gossip, enabling, co-dependency

• bitterness, strife, overeating, anxiety

• So you come today to look and find that cure….

Well, brother Allan, I don’t have those issues…..OK

Leprosy today:

• covetousness, and being idle as a Christian.

You didn’t think you were going to get out of this that easy and be the one that has no problems and does not need a cure……

• we all have Leprosy of some kind

• and we all need a cure…..


Some back then filled the house out of curiosity.

Some of us come every week peaked by our curiosity….

Your curiosity may be:

• still driving in your own will

• your still searching for answers….

• You have come to seek righteousness in your life.

Step out in faith and trust in the Lord your God.


Some came back then/house to catch sight of Him.

• Nothing has changed; some of us come today to catch sight of Him.

• IF you are not in the spirit of God, you cannot see Him. 1 Cor 2:14.

• IF you are of the spirit of God you can see right now.

• You can catch sight of Him right now.

• There are 100 or so Jesus’ sitting here today in this congregation.


John 14:12 says “anyone who has faith in me will do what I am doing, he will do even greater things cause I will go to the Father.

• Can you believe that?

• Is that not the most awesome thing you have heard?

• That is a PROMISE OF GOD…..

Each and every one of you in here today that has accepted Jesus in their lives can and will do mighty things.

• He is here today

• He is willing today

• HE is here to proclaim the word of God to men who are lost eternally. AMEN

• May the glory of God be lifted high….. AMEN


Life verse 2 Cor 5:17 “ Therefore, if anyone is in Christ…


2 Cor 5:15-16 and He died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves…

Each and everyone of us in the house are new creations through His love and mercy, and compassion and grace.

• May God be glorified in all we do.


Mark 2:3-4 …..

• Four men weren’t worried about themselves.

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