Summary: Preparations for Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem


Book of Nehemiah

One of my favorite books along with the Book of Acts,

Man’s faith and God in action.

Resume of Book:

Nehemiah’s prayer Neh.1

Artaxexes send Nehemiah to Jerusalem Neh.2 1-10

Nehemiah inspects the walls of Jerusalem Neh.2 11-20

Builders of the Wall listed Neh.3

Opposition to the rebuilding Neh. 4

Nehemiah helps the Poor Neh.5

Further Opposition to the Rebuilding Neh 6: 1-14

Completion of the Wall Neh. 6:15- 7:4

List of exiles who returned Neh.7:5- 73

Ezra reads the Law Neh.8

Israelites confess their sin Neh.9:1-37

The Agreement of the People Neh.9.38-10.38

The New Residents of Jerusalem Neh.11

Priests and Levites Neh.12:1-26

Dedication of the Wall Neh.12 27-47

Nehemiah’s Final reforms: Neh.13


Jerusalem: symbolic of the Church:

Rev.21:2 & 2 Cor.11:2.


Fall of Jerusalem: 587 BC

Exile 70 years

Rebuilding of Temple under Zerrubabel:520 BC

Between 458 and 445 BC jewish attempts to rebuild walls of Jerusalem.


mixed race of Israelites and people Assyrian kings settled in Judea.

feud with Jews from at least 520 BC when Zerrubabel refused to allow them to help rebuilding the Temple.

Sanballat was governor of Samaria.

To me the Samaritans signifies

1. Compromise - Jews were forbidden to intermarry

2. Religious people are most difficult to win - have own ideas about building.

3. Opposition from religous to be watched out for. Jesus said: Not those who call me LORD LORD shall enter KINGDOM of HEAVEN but those who do will of my Father.: Matt.7:21.


Cupbearer to Artaxerxes I

Cupbearer: literally "the one giving to drink". The butler of Joseph’s pharoah was a cupbearer in the Vision of BAker and Butler Gen. 40.9.

Usually confidante and favorite of King.

Often foreigners.

Wielded a lot of political influence.

Actually would taste the king’s wine before the king himself, in case of poisoning!!

Governor of Jerusalem

Ruler of a district (eg Judea) under the King.

Form of Persian title Tirshatha derived from tarshta meaning "reverenced".

Political post of important standing.

Practical man

Used his position for God. Used his influence with the King.

Nehemiah shows that Christians can hold his secular positions and still be worth to God.

Rich man.

Planned what he wanted to do carefully with prayer and fasting.


Faith into action: Jas. 2:14-23

So often said of Christians: They are so HEAVENLY minded that they are no EARTHLY use! We need to be ready to fulfil our prayers.

If we pray for someone to get saved, is it just religious words - because we are meant to pray for people as christians or do we really feel for them.

"Don’t preach and try to convert someone unless you are first prepared to be his friend" - Anon.

Must be prepared to sacrifice time and comforts to fulfill what God lays on your heart.

It was an exciting, if dangerous time.

John 10.10 "I am come that you may have life and have it in abundance"


Exciting when God gives you a Mission.

Matt. 28:19&20.

Build in Power of Holy Spirit Acts 2:8

Build friendships/Care for one another.

I. THE PROBLEM Neh. 1: 1-11

To obtain allowance to rebuild the Wall.


Symbolised protection physically

Showed significance of Nation.

Defined boundaries of city.

Nehemiah’s actions show us a number of practical points.

a) realised that there was a problem - Neh.1: 1-4.Christians tend to gloss over problems rather than face them.

i) the disgrace - we often fail to see the results of our sins.

ii) the lack of protection for the Jews. real problems of attack from Samaritans/ Arabs .

b) took problem to the Lord - Neh. 1:5-10

i) earnestness shown in prayer and fasting

When the disciples brought a demon possessed boy to Jesus who they were not able to deliver Jesus said: This kind can only come out by prayer and (some manuscripts I believe rightly say) and fasting - Mark 9:29.

It costs when we want things in the heavenly realms.

Before Jesus started His ministry he went in the desert 40 days (Luke 4:2)

If we are going to fulfill a calling we need this intense time of prayer. If Jesus our Lord and Saviour did it then we must follow his example.

When the Lord called us to start the Fellowship:, he called me to fast and pray for four days, something that I have never done before. It focussed my prayer time and the Lord shared to my heart Zech 2:7

"Come O Zion (the other name for Jerusalem) Escape you who live in the Daughter of Babylon" (symbolises the World system).

Verse 4. Goes on:Jerusalem will be a city without walls because of the great number of men and livestock in it. And I myself will be a wall of fire around it."

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