Summary: four Points on getting a job done

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Plan Your Work; Work Your Plan

Ezra Ch. 1

Building a Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn

John Roebling was the engineer with the idea of bridging the river and tying Manhattan Island with Brooklyn. It was a fabulous idea, but all the bridge-building experts and structural engineers said it was impossible. some agreed that the river might be spanned, but that a 1,595 foot span would never stand up against the winds and the tides. But John Roebling and his son, Washington figured out how the problems could be solved and how the obstacles would be overcome.

And then, as construction began John Roebling was killed on the job and in the same accident, Washington suffered the bends underneath the water. The son survived, but was left with permanent brain damage, so that he never walked or talked again

Everybody said to forget the project. But not Washington. He developed a code of communication by touching one finger to the arm of his wife, And he communicated the dream through her to the engineers on the project.

For 13 years, Washington Roebling supervised construction that way. And finally in 1883 traffic streamed across the completed Brooklyn Bridge. When Washington Roebling was told the news, he wept for joy. The impossible dream became a reality!

1. Purpose - v.3


Kingdom of God / Heaven ←(Mt. only)


Gal 3:20 I am crucified ... – Phil. 1:21 for me to live....


1 Jn 5:12 He who has the son has life...

2. Plan - v.4

- 2 prong approach - let him go up v.3

- let him help v.4

All were used

Follow the recipe - The building plans

Jesus ends sermon Mt. 7:24 - “Hearing”, “Doing”

What’s your plan – AND THEN WHAT

3. Perform - v.5


Main Mission Of The Church

Giving God Glory

Bearing Fruit

Reaching Others For Christ 10/24/99

4. Produce - v.6

- Jn 15

Little Things

One who had walked from Golden Gaate Bridge to New York what was his greatest difficulity Mountains? - Rivers? - People? What almost defeated me was the sand in my shoes

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