Summary: The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance! Hurray!


Proverbs 21:5”The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.”

It was half yearly examination that our Abide school, the English question paper was issued and I sat in the class for supervision. I found a senior boy sharp his pencil and write with a pencil, while he was supposed to write with pen, I looked at him sharply and asked why he was writing with the pencil, with a serious yet a scared look, he replied, ‘I’m worried if I would make mistakes in the examination paper and thereby dirty the paper if I write with pen, hence I am using pencil.’ His reasoning had good intention! Having heard me instruct million times about being clean and neat, he wanted to be careful before messing up! He wanted his answer paper to be clean and neat! Are you listening? There are a handful of students who have this attitude of being careful, clean, tidy, neat, committed, cautious and hard working. Invariably these are the students who study well and progress, the boy whom I have mentioned above is a topper in the class as well as school. The most important thing about him is that he belongs to a tribal community and his parents are road laborers; still, he has meticulously followed my teachings and has put them into vogue as well. As I corrected his papers, I was filled with joy for investing my life into the lives of these lovely kids. Click HERE to view our Abide School kids.

Despite the teachings, warnings and punishments, there are students who scribble, rub, make mistake again, rub and finally there would be a big black hole in the page! After this, I repeat, after the page is torn, messed and dirtied nothing can be done! Beware! These kids don’t do well in studies as well because of their reckless attitude; sadly, this does not stop here, it flows into their future and eventually ruins their life. Caveat! Straighten your life right away! Don’t wait for the big black hole to happen!

Let me share testimony, where the girl listened to my advice and went slow on a particular alliance, she surrendered the matter to the Lord. Finally she came to know that he was a fraud and got saved from disaster! Stop being hasty and nasty! Patiently wait for His plans! Look what the above scripture says: The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance! Hurray!

Be careful in how you spend your money, do not recklessly get into EMI purchases, control the impulse to splurge and arrest the roving eyes! Unfettered desires leads us to devastation! Patiently wait for God’s timing! I can tell how I had to look the ‘other side’ when people flaunt their latest electronic gadgets while I had to adjust with my old items for a long, long time. Being in the mission field, serving the Lord, there is a cross I had to carry; nevertheless, I’m glad and overjoyed because I am not trapped into any EMI. I am debt free. Hurray! Like the school boy I mentioned above, be cautious and avoid mistakes before the ‘big black hole’ happens!

King Saul: God chose a handsome man to lead Israel but alas he ended up becoming a hasty and nasty king. Haphazard, disorganized nature does not happen suddenly, it starts as a habit and develops into a character! It starts with being tardy and careless at school and then this permeates into their lives. King Saul disobeyed God when he spared some sheep of the Amalekites and said “the people spared the best of the sheep and of the oxen to sacrifice to the LORD your God.” Later this man turned murderous and hounds for the blood of David and eventually gets killed by an Amalekite (2 Samuel 1:8-10) and dies along with his sons in the battle. Big black hole!

Stay away from adulterous relationships before the big black hole happens! Rectify your documents and delete the false details in your resume and prepare a clean one with honest details. Likewise, amend all the documents with the truth: passports, school certificates, ration cards, birth certificates etc. This might involve, pain, loss, inconvenience, investment of time and running around – do it, anyway!

Joshua: Having walked with Moses and witnessing the disasters of disobedience, Joshua was circumspect in his walk with God. When God spoke to Joshua and told him, “there shall be a distance between you and it, about 2,000 cubits in length. Do not come near it, in order that you may know the way you shall go, for you have not passed this way before," (Joshua 3:4) Joshua obeyed the Lord 100 percent! God rolled back the Jordon river so that the entire Israelites could march through. Hallelujah! A whole nation is blessed because of the meticulous obedience of one man! Joshua kept carefully obeying the Lord and became a successful leader who brought his people to the promised land. Joshua was able to courageously say, Joshua 23: 10”One man of you puts to flight a thousand, since it is the LORD your God who fights for you, just as he promised you.” Diligent hearing of the Word and obedience to His commandments brings faith and courage in you! Now, the next verse is ace, this scripture is the key for blessings and success: Joshua 23:11”Be very careful, therefore, to love the LORD your God.”

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