Summary: We are often so content with what God has done for us in the past that we are unmotivated or unwilling to join Him in His work today. Find out how to turn that around.


Psalm 1261:1-6

Often content with what God has done for us in the past, we are unmotivated or unwilling to join Him in his work today.

v. 1a

like the people of Israel in Babylon, we were exiles before Christ came to set us free

v. 1b

coming to christ was like a dream; it was “too good to be true”

v. 2

can you remember the laughter/singing and joy from when you first met Jesus?

v. 2b

Remember how other people noticed the difference in your life and noticed what God had done for you?


 V3 Declaration: Lord has done great things for us! What Joy! We recognize God goodness in the past.

 V4 Restoration: restore our fortunes like the streams renew the desert. We ask God to continue his work in us today. Abundant life intended for us today.

 V5 Promise: planting with tears will result in joy during harvest. We look forward to what God is going to do tomorrow.

They weep as they go to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest.


•Collective group; you do not go out to plant seeds alone; this is a group/team project. You need the people in your church to team with. It is a team project, but you are needed b/c you are unique in what you offer.

•Can’t rely on pastors and evangelists

•Pastors equip the people for the work of the ministry

•Laborers are few. We have to pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers.


•Emotional piece. When was the last time you got emotional about other people’s eternity?

Luke 10:2 (Jesus’ compassion for the lost because they were as sheep without a shepherd)

•Man brought on cot by four friends

•When was the last time we wept?

"As they go to plant"

•GO: Mark 16:15

•Intentionality: gardener does no good sitting inside; he has to get out into the garden.

•To and forth among the rows; this is what’s wrong with isolation. We must be walking between the rows of lost people in order to plant the seeds. You can not do this if you do not know or "hang out" with unbelievers.

•Objective is not harvesting but planting


•Bearing precious seed; the Word of God is the precious seed we sow.

•The seed is God’s creation and given to us to use for His glory.

•Make sure you have the right seed (not politics, philosophy, excellent arguments, ect.) As Paul told Timothy we are to preach the word.

James 1:21 (word which is able to save)

"Sing as they return with harvest"

•Joy of seeing God work in people’s lives

•They return together with the harvest (David’s mighty men and spoils)

Galatians 6:9 (Let us not be weary in well doing)

•Harvest is a certainty; we will reap if we sow

•Word of God doesn’t return void (Isa. 55:11)

•God determines the increase (1 Corinthians 3:6)


Go, weep, sow, reap

Pastor Vinnie Cappetta

Cornerstone Community Church

Marlborough MA

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