Summary: A message addressing the commitment of some church members.


Galatians 6:7

INTRO: Have you ever been in a play? If you haven’t, I am sure you have

watched one. The performers in the play assume the role of the person they are portraying, in order to give a good performance. In short, they pretend to be something, or someone they aren’t.

We have a play taking place in our church now. We have members who are

playing the part of Christians, who are only acting, out the part. We call this play-acting at being a Christian.

This morning, let’s look at three examples.

I. RICH YOUNG RULER (Luke 18:18-27).

A. He asked Jesus how to inherit eternal life.

1. Jesus answered with the commandments.

2. He had observed them from his youth.

B. Jesus then told him to sell his possessions and follow him.

1. He had many possessions.

2. He went away sorrowfully. He wouldn’t give up his posses-


a. If Jesus told you to give un your possessions in order to en

ter heaven, would you give them up?

b. Are you play-acting, or are you really living the role?

3. Men spend lots of money taking acting lessons. The churches

are full of good actors.


A. They come to Christ with their request.

1. He asks them if they can drink of the same cup, etc.

2. They didn’t realize what was involved in their answer.

B. Church members want to sit on Jesus right and left hand.

1. They want the honor, but won’t pay the price.

2. Are you play-acting, or really living the role?

3. Directors search the world for good actors. They should

look in the Churches first.


A. Judas was Play-acting his role as a disciple.

1. He fooled everyone except Jesus.

2. He was following Jesus for personal gain.

B. After the betrayal, he repented.

1. Not of his sins, but of what he had done.

2. He repented to late.

3. Don’t you be to late in repenting of your play-acting role.

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