Summary: What Point of View do you have as you look into the New Year? Do you see only through the eyes of flesh, or can you also see through the eyes of the Spirit?

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By Pastor Jim May

As we step into the New Year there are many questions that come to mind. The whole of mankind is seeking for answers to their questions. They are looking through what Paul described in 1 Corinthians 13:12 as a dark glass, as though we are trying to see into the future by looking through a cloudy, dirty and blackened window pane. Our vision of what lies ahead, if it is seen only through eyes of flesh, is very limited indeed.

Even for those of us who would look through that dark glass with “spiritual eyes” the future is dimmed and obscured greatly and we cannot quite understand all that is coming or how that God will bring about the fulfillment of His prophetic Word. Certainly our vision is far better than those who walk in the blindness of sin for they are completely unable to understand what is coming. While we know the final results of all that will transpire, we do not know each step that we must take to get there. The world knows nothing, and understands nothing of spiritual things and so the only thing they have is a false hope that mankind can somehow, on his own, manage to build a better world tomorrow.

In the final analysis, what you see through that dark glass depends completely on your point of view. I believe that there are really only two ways to look at the future. One is through the eyes of the flesh, and the other is through the eyes of the Spirit. Those who are unsaved can only use eyes of the flesh for their spiritual eyes are blind. Those who are born again by the Blood of Jesus Christ have a different point of view because they not only are able to see what the unsaved see, but their vision is enlightened and enhanced by the understanding of God’s Word and they are able to see much more.

What is your point of view this morning? What do you see ahead? Are you trying to see the future, and what the New Year will hold, only through the eyes of flesh; or can you see more through the eyes of the Holy Spirit within you? I know a lot of Christians who seem to have the wrong point of view.

Let me compare what I am trying to say to what you would see if you were in the mountains. If you are living in the dark valley between high mountains, all you can see is the valley. All you can see is what comes over the top of the mountain, and by the time you see the storm coming, it is too late to get prepared. All you can do, at best, is seek shelter quickly. Those in the valley can only hear the rumblings of a distant storm. Those in the valley can only wonder how bad the rain will be, or how hard the wind will blow and they cannot see enough to be fully prepared.

It is far different for those who live on the mountaintop. These folks can see the storm coming from many miles away. They can see it easily as they look from mountaintop to mountaintop, across the range of mountains. They can see it as it is only beginning to form and they can watch it grow in intensity. They have plenty of warning, and plenty of time to prepare. They aren’t too concerned about how much rain will fall because of their high place, they know that the floods will go down into the valley and not gather upon the mountains. They aren’t too concerned about the winds even though they are fully exposed to it because they have learned through experience to build strong houses that are founded upon solid rock. I’ve never seen a solid stone castle on a mountaintop crumble in the winds.

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