Summary: Our lives as Christians should be a powerful witness for the life giving powe rof Jesus

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Pointing to Christ

Acts 1:8

October 10, 2004


Glen Holland was an aspiring composer who had a dream of writing the great American symphony but along the way he takes a detour. He takes a temporary job as a music teacher until he can devote his full efforts to writing his music. As he teaches his students, he does only what was required, by his contract and gives little extra effort to anything but writing his music.

The principal of the school notices this trend in his behavior and gives him a gentle reminder of the purpose of teaching. Here is a scene from Mr. Holland’s Opus.

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Mr. Holland was fantastic in the knowledge area but he was stuck as a compass. He was not guiding the lives of his students in ways that helped them live their lives. I think that there is an important lesson here for us as Christians. We too are to act like compasses for the lives of others but not to point north. We are meant to live our lives in such a way that we point out Christ.

How do we accomplish pointing out Christ? How do we show the world the life changing power of Jesus? We have to tap into the power that Jesus has for us before we can truly impact the world around us.

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I. Jesus wants to make your life more dynamic

But you will receive power

Jesus has something more for you. Jesus gave the disciples a precious and personal promise. The work that He started was far from over and that was a good thing. Look at the disciples. They abandoned Jesus the night He was arrested. Thomas has serious problems with doubts. Peter and the disciples went back to fishing.

There was a lot of work to be done in the lives of those simple men and women. They were ordinary and average. They were everyday run of the mill type of people. There was not one of them that was a standout. This should give you a lot of hope. What was it that made these disciples so great? It was the power of Jesus at work in them. If Jesus can use a tax collector to write a gospel, He can use you. If Jesus can use a man who was more like a pebble than a rock to build the church, He can use you. If Jesus can use a few fishermen to change the world, He can use you.

Jesus wants you to receive something more. This word receive literally means to take or to gather but not in a selfish or greedy way. It means to take what is already yours. A good example of this is when the Fed Ex guy stops at the house and delivers a package to me. The job that guy is doing is bringing to me what is already rightfully mine and all I have to do is accept it. Jesus is saying here that there is more that belongs to us as believers, all we have to do is gather it in.

Jesus understood it would take power to change a persons life and He makes what you need available. In fact, He sends it “Fed Ex”, ready to be received. All you have to do is accept it.

The word that Jesus uses here for power is the Greek term dunamis, which is where we get our English words dynamite and dynamic. The meaning is to be given the strength or the ability to perform a certain task.

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