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Summary: I truly want to thank the Lord this morning, and I want to continue speaking this morning about Prayer and that Power that Prayer will bring into our lives.

Power Belongeth Unto God

Sunday December 03, 2000

I truly want to thank the Lord this morning, and I want to continue speaking this morning about Prayer and that Power that Prayer will bring into our lives.

My mind go’s to God’s word to the apostle Paul this morning when Paul was dealing with that thorn in his flesh.

And after all that’s where we have the trouble, is in the flesh.

And all of us are going to have to admit that Paul was saved and sanctified, but he still had trouble in the flesh.

He would like to get rid of it just like you and I would like to get rid of it, but we will never get rid of it until this mortal puts on immortality.

The grace of God is sufficient, and in that scripture God said to Paul, My grace is sufficient for you and then He let us know what His grace is.

For My strength is made perfect in weakness.

The grace of God is Christ’s strength!

When we begin to talk about and to think about the strength of Christ, I believe that it will cause us to open our eye’s just a little.

We will begin to look at things in just a little different light.

We’ll get rid of a lot of excuses, when we begin moving and living by the strength of Christ, and certainly He wants to give it to each and every one of us.

I know that we talked a lot last week about Faith and Prayer but it is something that is needed by us all, and needed in a special way.

I am here to tell you that what we all need today is that unity with God.

That which comes from prayer and a prayerful attitude and a closeness that can only come from that kind of an attitude.

If we will just believe the Word of God and obey it, there will be an end to a lot of the problems that we have in our lives today.

This Word of God was given to produce experiences in the hearts and lives of men and women where we could live Godly, right in this present world.

You show me people living Godly, and I’ll show you people that’s not having any trouble with one another.

This word of god will produce more, right in the ranks that calls itself Christendom, it will produce more than we are seeing produced.

And that is what all of us need to be striving for in our spiritual lives.

We should all want to see people that love God enough, to live according to His word.

Do you know if I could just get all of you, to pray the way that God has ordained for us to do, we could watch the church grow the way that God wants it to grow!

We could watch souls being saved, and see great works done, giving furtherance to god’s kingdom right here on earth.

There is nothing that the devil hates worse than to see god’s people getting down to praying the way that they need to.

And like one old time church of God preacher said, and I quote.

We need to pray until we pray!

If you will think about that statement just a little it will come to you very quickly.

That to pray until we pray, simply means to get right down to business with God.

To get your life straight with Him, and make sure that you know that beyond a shadow of a doubt you know that your life is pure and Holy in His sight.

And that you have done everything that you know to do to keep your power line open to God!

Friends if there is any sin in your lives, God won’t hear your prayers, He can’t, it is impossible for Him to hear you when you have sin in your lives.

I know that it might sound terrible that such a kind and loving God would not hear your prayers in your time of need, but He can’t.

You see it’s like I have told you several times before, God turned His back on His own Son when Jesus was hanging on the cross and all of the sins of the world were cast upon Him.

God cannot and He will not.

If He couldn’t do it for Jesus, then my friend, He certainly isn’t going to do it for one of us!

God loves each and every one of us the same but He will not tolerate sin!

Let’s just stop right here and say a short prayer and while I pray out loud I would like for all of you to bow your heads, and close your eye’s, and pray silently along with me.

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