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Summary: Healing manifestations and miracles will only accompany those who will "GO." God will surely bless our GOING because it is a step of obedience and faith.

As we search the scriptures for principles relating to effective church planting, we cannot ignore the important part that power evangelism played in the birth and growth of the early church.

Throughout the Book of Acts, we see multiple examples of the effectiveness of power encounters and the manner in which such encounters opened doors of utterance, attracted large crowds of people and helped to establish the church in numerous areas. Here are some good examples of power encounters: 1. Acts 2:1-41 – The magnificent outpouring of the Holy Spirit created a great impact to the Jewish people that cause Peter to preach and resulted to a great harvest of souls. (3000 souls were saved) 2. Acts 3:1:19 - The miraculous healing of a lame man at the beautiful gate has opened a great door of utterance to the religious Jews. 3. Acts 16:16-34 – The incredible deliverance of Paul and Silas from the prison produced salvation to the jailer and his whole household.


Why is it that signs and miracles do not manifests in some lives and ministries?

Healing manifestations and miracles will only accompany those who will "GO." God will surely bless our GOING because it is a step of obedience and faith.

Power encounters minister supernaturally into a felt need situation. Many people today are hurting and suffering and they needed some miracles in order for them to believe the gospel.


I Corinthians 16:9-10

Throughout the biblical history of the early church, there are many recorded instances where the miracle power of God has opened effectual doors of utterance to the gospel. It happened in Jerusalem (Acts 2 & 3), in Antioch (Acts 11:19-30), and in Ephesus (Acts 19), and in many other areas.

In almost every case where dramatic growth is evidenced, the presence of effective power encounters are to be found.

I am personally persuaded that there is soon to be a greater harvest in gathering than at any other time in church history. Both the prophet Joel (Joel 2:28-29) and the apostle Peter (Acts 2:17-21) declared that in the last days greater outpouring and manifestation of the Holy Spirit will happen. Surely, when it come to pass, it will produce greater harvest of souls because we have the biggest number of bible-believing christians today than before through which the Holy Spirit can use in many extraordinary ways.

I believe it will be a worldwide phenomena in which God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. Joel 2:28-29

I am further convinced that it will be a revival characterized by mighty power encounters. (Take note of the Azusa revival, the Toronto revival, and the the miracle-manifesting ministries of Smith Wigglesworth, Morris Cerullo, Benny Hinn and Reinhard Bonnke.)

I also believed that thousands of new congregations will be birthed.


Let us desire now to enter that life of power evangelism. Make evangelism a lifestyle. Make power evangelism the way to greater spiritual breakthroughs and greater harvest of souls. GO!

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