Summary: We make drastic mistakes because we do not know the truth. We believe every claptrap that is uttered by people and fall for false prophesies, because we do not know the truth. Read the Bible and live it out.

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Acts 7:1”Then the high priest said, "Are these things so?"

The question ‘are these things so?’ opened up the dam inside Stephen who goes on to give a long narration of events, starting from his forefathers. Stephen was now at the bar before the great council of the nation, indicted for blasphemy of speaking ill against Moses and God, since the men were envious and unable to resist his wisdom, they stirred false witnesses against Stephen. Here’s what I want to point out to you today, observe the clear facts with names of cities he quotes as Stephen starts explaining the details. He starts from Abraham: “The God of glory appeared to our father Abraham when he was in Mesopotamia, before he dwelt in Haran.” He goes on and talks about Joseph, Moses giving precise details. He did not have elaborate notes on laptop or a big fat Bible in front of him. He spoke from memory. He spoke filled with the Holy Spirit! Most important, he spoke in front of an angry crowd, with most of them staring daggers at him, but still that did not give him any discomfort or knee-jerks, he chose the situation to boldly magnify and exalt His Name. Man, this is powerful!

Mathew Henry said: ”Those that are full of the Holy Ghost will be full of the scripture.”

Apostle Paul tells us to be ready always to share the Gospel at all seasons. Diagnosed with multiple fibroids in the uterus while I was five months pregnant, confined to the bed, I chose to do one thing: READ THE BIBLE – cover to cover. Yes, I started meticulously reading the Bible, right from the introduction given before every book in the Bible; with precise details of the author. My hospital bed turned into Bible college for me; oblivious to the medicines around, I kept pondering into the Bible. It brightened my face even though the doctors were speaking doom and gloom regarding my health. Well, by the time I received the miraculous healing and joined work back after my maternity leave, I had completed most of the books in the Bible. The very first day of joining work, I started preaching to my friends, who were certainly irked and found me a pain. On one particular day I advised my friends not to use foul and obscene language and also stay away from bad jokes. One Christian friend said: ’it is harmless fun that we have, why do you make a big issue out of it.’ Immediately I pulled out my Bible that I keep handy with me and pointed out the scripture to her: ‘neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks.’ (Ephesians 5:4) I was able to immediately remember the scripture and show it to her in less than two minutes. Later the same friend received a Bible from me and got saved, it did not stop with her, most of her family were also touched by the Word of God and they got saved too. Such is the power of the Word of God! God watched my passion for His Word and had made me His Teacher, Preacher and Writer. READ THE BIBLE EVERYDAY!

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