Summary: Today is an ordinary day! And the power of God is ready to burst through in our midst! The question is: Are our eyes open to see it? Are our hearts open to receive it? Are we ready to be amazed at the ways that God chooses to work!?!

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Just Words: Power

Scripture Text: Mark 1.21-28

Scripture Reading: Psalm 111


Read Psalm 111.1-4, pref NLT


[This sermon was preached on SuperBowl Sunday…]

Tonight, most of America will be tuned-in… watching a game. Sports-fans anticipate that the game w ill be good; …and-we-hope to-see some amazing-plays. Maybe a spectacular, one-handed catch; …or a running-back diving six-or-seven feet in-the-air ~ over-the-top of the line-men ~ …to reach the promised-land; …or a defensive-back coming outta-nowhere to snatch the ball away-from a would-be-receiver. I’ll-admit… there are times when I jump-to-my-feet, …and hoot-and-holler when someone does-something amazing.

But, I’ll tell-ya what’s really-and-truly amazing: What’s absolutely-mind-blowing …when you stop-and-think-about-it, …is-that all-powerful-God uses His power in the ways that He does! It’s surprising. It’s amazing. It’s really something-to-see! ~ …and-honestly, …it’s so-much-more-amazing than anything a football-player can do on the field!

Earlier we read from Psalm 111, …and it begins with offering praise to the Lord… Great are His works! Amazing are His deeds! His glory and majesty never fail!

I think that most-legends of the sports-world want the same-thing ~ …they wanted-to hang-it-up while their glory still shone!

But the psalmist says that the glory and the majesty of the Lord never fades, …never diminishes, …His righteousness never fails! How’s-that for longevity! When we’re-talkin’-about the awesomeness of-what the Lord can-do, and has-done, and is-doing ~ …there’s no sadness that someday His greatness is eventually gonna fizzle! …That-someday, he just-isn’t-gonna be-able-to-produce like He did in His heyday! …that-there’ll-come-a-time when our Lord-God is just-another “has-been”! No! The glory and majesty and the-awesomeness of the Lord will continue to shine throughout eternity!

But-remember… The ways that all-powerful-God uses His power ~ and displays His awesomeness ~ …the ways that God uses His power is different from what the world might-expect! There are times-when He surprises us. And what-He-does, …and the way that He does-what-He-does ~ …sometimes it’s not-what we-were-looking-for!

And, if you’ve ever been confused, befuddled, or disappointed when God didn’t do what you were praying for Him to do ~ …then you know that there are times when God’s glory can be clouded by our perceptions and expectations.

God doesn’t use His power to show-off, …or to demonstrate brute-strength, …to bully, …or belittle. If you remember life-on-the-playground, …you remember that there were some-kids who physically-intimidated other kids. That’s-not the way that God uses His power! Instead, …God uses His power to create and to build, …to restore and rejuvenate, …to redeem and to love!

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