Summary: The power and privilege that is ours in the blood covenant that we have in Christ.The access to the throne is on the strength of that blood, the voice that speaks on the mercy seat is that of the blood and it speaks better things and provides security aga

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Power of Blood Covenants

I’m going to share with us briefly, on the Power of Blood Covenants.

I’ll take the scriptures from Hebrews chapter 10 verses 19-22

"Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus,

By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh; And having an high priest over the house of God; Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water.

I’m going to narrow myself to the power of blood covenants as it pertains to our walk with God.

The scripture is saying to us in Isaiah chapter 55. It says Call upon God while he is near, draw near while God may still be found. One thing that constitutes the major challenge in our Christian faith is the need for contacting God. The journey to the presence of God is the sum total of all we are engaged in, in our Christian life. It is represented by the tabernacle experience. The journey begins on the outer court, through the holy place to the holy of holies. Our great need is for boldness to advance towards that awesome dreadful throne room where His unmistakable presence dwells. Now, this is so important because we are all tired of substitution gods. We are all tired of people telling us how or what the true God looks like. He has been presented as a Santa Claus to some people, that disguised figure that children go to see at Christmas and they all come out with gifts and different opinions of him. The Santa Claus arena generally creates an atmosphere of curiosity that causes others to restlessly want to see him and sometimes the queue is so long that some kids can’t wait long enough to see and touch him and so they make do with other people’s impression of him.

The point is this; the New Testament prohibits us from dwelling on other people’s experience. Each person is required to make direct contact with the man on the throne. The only element that makes this direct access possible is the blood. Because of how essential this requirement is, several barriers had to be crushed and all temporary and inferior elements that had been in use from the Old Testament time had to be swept away only the blood could answer all of the questions that stood between mankind and real life.

We journey through the new and the living way cruising on the strength of the blood. Even when we arrive at the throne, we do not have a voice but that of the blood. The blood sprinkled upon the Mercy Seat is gets us the audience of God. The blood covenant is so central to the Christian faith for reasons we could give different explanations for, we have so much shyed away from things that have to do with blood and left those things for the occult or world of mysticism, for the idol worshipers, for those who want to intimidate us by having to deal with demons. Those of us, who have the background of idolatry, know quite a bit about blood matters. When you have to appease the gods, when you have to appease your neighbors, when you want to pave way for yourself, there is so much demand on blood. These were all stolen from the kingdom of God and what we are focusing on in this message has to do with the place of this blood in the covenant that is in force in our lives. From the little we know about the powers of darkness and occultism, we learn that the purer the blood, the greater the power that is derived from the sacrifice. When people wanted to sacrifice innocent blood, if it has to do with animals, they give you prescriptions/requirements that simulate God’s standard. "A lamb without blemish, a day-old, a month-old, a year old, whatever it is, it has to do with making sure that the animal is pure so that the life of it, which will be on the altar, will carry so much power. It is that purest blood which the world could never come up with that we have in Christ. When the Lord was instituting the Holy Communion at the last supper, he took that fruit of the vine and he said to them: "This is my blood in the new covenant which has been shed for you." Now, there is power in that blood. It’s unfortunate that the religious world, aided by those who came into the faith from idolatrous background, has become so deceived and has reduced this experience to mere ritual. For many of us now, when we use the blood, we use it as if it is a talisman. We do not appropriate what the blood had accomplished. It’s like at every point, we are sending the blood on a fresh errand, to demolish some things that have not been demolished. Now, that quality of ignorance will constitute a hindrance. I have ministered deliverance on some people and some few folks who joined me said, ‘let us plead the blood on ourselves so that demons will not pounce on us,’ and I said ‘stop that nonsense, the demons know their level. There is a security line they cannot cross, it is the blood mark.

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David Diyanni

commented on Jul 24, 2007

This is a very good sermon with a lot of information about the power of the blood covenant. I found it very helpful. Thanks.

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