Summary: This sermon will help you see that there is power in truth, there is power in Gods’ standards, and there is power in His word to guide you in victorious living.

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Hebrews 4:12


Read Hebrews 4:12

Today I have a word from God.

If you came here today with a hope in your heart

That you might hear from God,

Then you’ve come to the right place

Today I want to tell you that there is power in God’s Word! (pause)

The Word of God laid the foundations of the earth!

The Word of God set in place the cornerstone of those foundations!

The Word of God controls the seas!

He told the sea where to stop!

The Word of God placed the atmosphere the earth is clothed with!

The Word of God took the dust form the earth and caused bones to be made

Then the Word of God caused sinews or muscle and flesh to cover those bones

The Word of God put breath into man and caused him to take his first breath!

The Word of God has raised up many might armies! And defeated many also! (pause)

- Hewbrews 1:3 tells us that by the power of Jesus’ word all things are sustained.

And by the power of that same word, He could withdrawal that sustaining power

Then nothing would exist except God!

In Hewbrews 4:12 that word “quick” in the King James Version means that it is alive

The Word of God is alive!!

It has an active part!

This whole book is the living Word of God!

And there is nowhere in this book that should be dismissed as irrelevant

It’s living and it’s powerful, and all of it, every word of it can effect your life and does!!!

How it does depends on how you choose to first accept, and then apply it. (pause)

The 16th century monk named Martin Luther believed in the power of God’s Word.

After accidentally finding a Latin version of the Bible, and much study

He cam to understand the doctrine of justification by faith

Which was contrary to the churches’ teachings

Upon this he nailed his 95 theses to the doors of the Wittenberg Church

He was labeled a heretic and brought before the emperor who demanded that he withdrawal his challenges of the church!

His response to the emperor was this:

“Unless you prove to me by scripture and reason that I am mistaken, I cannot and will not recant

My conscience is captive to the Word of God

To go against my conscience is neither right nor safe

Here I stand

There is nothing else I can do. God help me.” (Pause)

As Martin Luther stood in front of the emperor

He said, “My conscience is captive to the Word of God.”

And then he said, “To go against my conscience is neither right nor safe.”

Martin Luther was willing to stand on the power of God’s Word.

These are two very powerful statements

When I read them, I am filled with awe at the wisdom in the words.

It is almost indescribable.

These words should pass by the lips of every Christian with the same devotions as that of Martin Luther

In fact, his devotion ran so deep in his heart he was willing to proclaim them

And then put his life in the hands of the emperor

“Here I stand. There is nothing else I can do. God help me.”

Had Martin Luther lived in New Testament times

I believe that it is very likely those words would be in scripture today

I can make that because that statement lines up with scripture in every way (pause)

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