Summary: Church is God’s own property. He owned it by his own blood. He established it for himself. The ultimate authority of the Church lies with JESUS. To know more about it read the text.

Theme: Power of the Church- “Jesus”

Text: Ephesians 1:15-23


It is a letter from prison. This epistle is Called “queen of Epistles”. “Crown of Paulinism”. It has great themes and doctrines of Christianity. It is called the epistle of ascension. Spurgeon says: ‘read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest’ it. Paul spent three years in Ephesus during his missionary journey.

Church is God’s own property. He owned it by his own blood. He established it for himself. The ultimate authority of the Church lies with JESUS. Sometimes we wonder the attitudes of the Pastors, District superintendents and Bishops. As though they are the permanent authorities over the Church.

Great Power by Prayer (v.16):

Paul’s prayer has contents and concerns. These concerns are beyond our imaginations and realizations. Often, we pray for three needs of us: Filthy things, then Healthy things and Wealthy things.

Many pray for the sins of others. Some think that ‘we go to Church to confess our filthy, ugly and sinful things and attitudes’, always come to the altar and confess their sinful natures, always cry for cleansing of sins. Forgiveness can’t be taken for granted. Often believers do presumptuous sins, persistent sins and periodical sins. How long you want to play with God. A day will come he will throw you away. Better come out of it. Today is the day of Salvation.

Next, we pray for healthy life, praying for sickness free life, sound life, terminal illness and headaches, stomachs and many minor and major health issues. We must learn to say ‘Your grace is sufficient for me’.

Then we pray for Wealthy things, such as, to buy plots, flats, then construction of houses and shops, then pray for good tenet, then pray for the vacation of that tenant, to buy new cars and to get good job and business to grow and so on. Is there any end to these prayer points?

But Paul had several concerns in his prayers he never bothered about these basic needs and problems, or the temporal and health issues. Because he knew that “SEEK YE FIRST the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you” (Mt.6:33).

Therefore, Paul prayed for the LORD to give them: 1. Spirit of Wisdom, 2. Revelations, 3. Enlightenment, 4. To know the hope of calling, know glorious inheritance and its riches, 6. And to have the Immeasurable greatness of Power.

Do you pray for the salvation of your children? Do you pray for your children to grow in the Lord?

Great Powerful Name (v.21):

Read: Phil 2:1-11. Jesus emptied himself and surrendered to God’s will. Then Jesus earned this name or confirmed the characteristics of the name “Jesus”. His name is so powerful and useful for all.

The name of Jesus is Authoritative name, over demons, over sickness, over all authorities of the earth (Mt.28:18), it is the only powerful name on the earth, for salvation and for all blessings (Ac.4:12). He is Jesus means ‘Saviour and Immanuel’ (Mt.1;21). Forgiveness through his name (Ac.10:43).

“I have no gold or silver but Name of Jesus” (Ac.3:6). David said I come nothing but the name of YHWH who lives (Read: 1Sam.17:45).

His name is great not only in this age but also in the age to come (v.21). Col.1:15-20 all things for him, through him; in him all held together; he is the beginning; he is in everything.

Great Powerful Community (v.19):

“the immeasurable greatness of power for us”. Paul says that those who were in the church at Ephesus were “saints and faithful” (v.2). God has chosen us to be holy and blameless (v.4).

We are adopted children – as per Roman Law adoption gives you legitimate inheritance of the new family and completely disowned by the old family.

We have the mark of the seal of the Holy Spirit (v.13). only one thing brings us together is the name of Jesus- we don’t count our caste, we don’t count our community, we don’t count our ethnicity, not our region, not our education, not our elite, not our wealth only one thing which brings us all is the name of JESUS and the LOVE of God.

If I count all these, I am worthless. With such people, such believers, a church can never grow, never be holy, never be blameless. And they will have fight and disturbances among themselves. At the last they will be last for ever and ever from eternity.

The binding force of any Church is “faith and your Love towards God”. Your love for God is unseen by others but can be seen and experienced when it is expressed to believers (1.Jn. 4:20, Jn.13:14, 34-35).

Just look at the church during the time of Jacob – brothers were fighting, had jealousy, envy and sold out one another, till the end they were unfaithful. Then the church at wilderness died after enjoying all the blessings of heaven (Read: 1 Cor.10:1-12) – it is an example to us (v.6, 11)- never test Christ, never complain, never give for sexual immorality and idolatry.

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