Summary: First in a series on the life of Gideon

Powerful Potential

Judges 6:1-12

Thank You - cards, meals and calls - we are sad for ourselves but we really do rejoice

with Mom - can’t think of a better gift than for the Lord to take her at 11:30 on Easter

Sunday morning - Intended to announce this last week - Rhonda and I are expecting our

second child - she is doing well - normal - keep us in your prayers -

Potential = Existing in possibility but not in actuality; inherent capability of doing




Next few weeks doing a series on the Life of Gideon from starting in Judges 6.

Make important application to where we are in our relationship with the Lord.

As we walk through the text this morning look for similarities between what was

happening in Israel at this time and what is happening in our world.

I. Consider Israel’s Situation -

A. Sinful

1. Worshipped false gods - (Jump ahead to verse 25)

2. Did evil in the sight of the Lord

a. Not a big explanation given - did evil

b. Again! Round and round and round -

1. Sin - Oppression - Desperate Cry - Repentance - Deliverance

B. Sin has consequences - can’t avoid it - Cause and effect

1. Sin = bad effect - that’s why God told us not to do it

a. Dad it hurts when I do this - stop doing that

2. Bondage to Midian -

a. Hiding in Caves

b. Crops and flocks stolen or destroyed - verses 4-5

3. We can not bear the consequences of Sin - it will destroy us

a. Too many - Too powerful - Too strong

b. Hate to admit you can’t win - any team can beat any other team

1. no way - without outside help Israel was doomed

c. Can’t stand against the consequences of sin

1. Try to ignore it - hide from it - forget it

2. Turn to drugs - drastic increase in Drug usage in Cadillac

a. consequences of sin are too much for us!

4. Brings us to our knees - one way or another!

a. Defeat

b. Repentance - Verse 6

C. God sends and unnamed prophet -

1. No place for pride when ministering for the Lord - Nameless

2. Simple message - Verses 7-10

a. Brought you out of Egypt

b. Out of the land of slavery

c. Snatched you from the power of Egypt

d. From the hand of your oppressors

e. Drove them from before you

f. Gave you their land

g. I am the Lord your God

3. What God had done for the people of Israel was real

a. needed to be reminded of that

* God is real He means what He says!

b. We sometimes need to be reminded that God is Real

* a. Brought you out of Egypt of Sin

b. Out of the land of slavery

c. Snatched you from the power of Sin

d. From the hand of your oppressors - consequences

e. Drove them from before you - deliverance

f. Gave you their land - Blessing of God

g. I am the Lord your God - He says it to us today!

II. Consider Gideon - Verses 11

A. Threshing wheat in a winepress -

1. Hiding -

2. Afraid -

3. Just trying to get by

4. Not exactly to picture of Victory and Strength

B. Jump ahead and make some comparisons

1. World Today - Much Like Israel

a. Evil is common

b. Idol’s - names have changed - same spirit

c. Still in bondage to sin and Satan

d. Just like Israel - World has forsaken God

e. Consequences of sin change - Bondage Strong

1. Abortion, Aids, and Abuse are rampant

2. Divorce, Depression, and death are everywhere

2. Believers Today - Much Like Gideon

a. Many are Hiding in our Christian winepress

1. Winepress not intended to thresh wheat

2. Church not intended to be a "bless me club"

b. Many Christians are afraid of the enemies power

c. Not relying on God - Just trying to get by

III. God’s view of Gideon - verse 12

A. Saw his failures, mistakes, and problems

B. Saw his fear & frustration

C. Looked past all of that and saw his potential

IV. God’s view of You

A. How you may feel today?

1. unimportant

2. overwhelmed by circumstances

3. Plagued by sin

4. Powerless

B. God see’s past all of that - past the problems to the potential

C. He see’s you - like He saw Gideon - With the Lord with You - Mighty Warrior!

Conclusion: Worship team

God see’s the circumstances that you are in - whatever they are.

Facing an uphill battle today?

Odds seem to be against you?

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