Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is a sermon on the power of short prayers.

Powerful Short Prayers Part 3

Prayer of Canaanite mother

Mother who would not take no for an answer

So what do mothers do?

A. The pressures on moms today are greater than ever. It has got to be the toughest job in the world. Just think of what’s expected of her in our success-driven society: Have a successful career, keep the house spotless, raise perfect children, be a great cook, look like a model, be a charming hostess and conversationalist. Yet we are in a society that is doing everything it can to try to destroy that influence. Young girls are continually encouraged to find a career that is more meaningful. Motherhood is considered a second rate job only for those who do not have any ambition.

B. Mothers are the first to get up in the morning, and often the last to get to sleep due to restless children that won’t take bed time seriously. Moms are the ones who wake the children, feed the children, clothe the children, keep the children occupied, run the children every place they need to go, feed the children again, try to get a least one task accomplished in spite of the children, bathe the children, settle down the children and try to get the children to fall asleep, only to start the process again the next day.

C. Mothers are the ones who are charged with making their children happy, their husband happy, (if they work outside the home) bosses happy, and if there’s any time left then and only then can they be happy.

D. Mothers are the ones who are excellent first aid givers. When dad says “you’ll live” mom grabs the Band-Aid for non-existent scrape, and with a simple hug and kiss is always able to make the pain go away….

E. Mothers are the ones who put up with what seems like everyone telling them that they are not doing it right, that they should be doing something else, and that, even though their children are well-adjusted, content, and happy, if they don’t change today, their children will become juvenile hoodlums.

F. Mothers are the ones who, although they’ve completed high school and maybe some college, find their vocabulary slipping away with short phrases like, “Let mommy fix the boo-boo.” and find themselves repeating phrases constantly like “Don’t do that!” “I said no.” “Get back here.” “Get over here.” “Get out of there.” and the like…

G. We could do this for the whole sermon couldn’t we???

H. One very articulate lady made a comment when people would ask her about her occupation. Instead of saying “I am a stay at home mom” she would say, “I am socializing two Homo sapiens in the dominant values of the Judeo-Christian tradition so that they might be instruments for the transformation of the social order into the teleologically prescribed utopia inherent in the saving gospel message of Jesus Christ. What do you do?”

I. Moms are great aren’t they? They are the first special people in our lives we all relate to.

Interview mothers

A. Since it is Mother’s Day let’s take a few minutes to get to know some of our mothers here today. Have 3-4 moms up on stage.

B. Melissa Cruikshank, Elisa Blue, Michelle Brinkley, Mary Burcham

C. Why don’t you each introduce yourself, how many children do you have and how old they are.

D. What is one of the best things about being a mother?

E. What is a favorite memory or a favorite ‘mama drama’ that you would like to share?

F. What do you think a mother’s main responsibility is?


A. We are doing a sermon series on “Powerful Short Prayers.” We have been looking at some of the powerful short prayers that are recorded in the Bible and there are many. Actually most of the prayers that are recorded in the Bible are short one or two minute prayers. Even the “Lord’s Prayer” only take about one minute to say. One thing we have been noticing and I believe the Bible clearly teaches is that short prayers are important. Short prayers move the heart of God. Short prayers are powerful. Short prayers are evidence of a real relationship with God. There is a time and a place for long dedicated periods of prayer but everyone is not called to be a prayer warrior. There are times when we need to set aside some special time to spend with God. But long devotional prayers are NOT MORE IMPORTANT or a sign of spiritual maturity. Daily short prayers are as important or more important. We can survive without devotional prayer. We may stunt our spiritual growth, but we CANNOT survive without daily thought prayers.

B. Today, I as we continue our sermon series on “Powerful Short Prayers” I thought it would be appropriate to look at a short prayer prayed by a mother. We are going to read the story of the Canaanite mother who kept asking Jesus to heal her daughter. This is a story about a mother who had a lot of ambition. She was on a mission. She would not take no for an answer. Her daughter was in great need and this mother was determined to get her help. We are not told her name. She is a nameless mother who had great faith.

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Gene Gregory

commented on May 11, 2016

Good job. Really good series.

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