Summary: Be humble like Jesus.

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Philippians 2.5-8

S: Incarnation

C: Christmas Eve

Th: I Love It When a Plan Comes Together


Version: ESV

RMBC 24 December 08 Christmas Eve

Understand this on this special Christmas Eve evening…

Jesus was humble.

Attempt to wrap your mind around the fact that all of that power and strength and knowledge and holiness was stuffed into the physical body of a completely human male infant.



Completely and totally dependent on a human mother, on a human father.

Both without any support structure of their own, far from home, with the best option for this newborn to sleep being a cattle feeding trough.

That is certainly not the kind of entrance our world would expect of the King of Kings.

Certainly not a Hollywood beginning.

Certainly not leading in strength and glory.

There, in all the weakness and helplessness of infancy, in the dirt of a stable, lay God.

You see…

Jesus left His exalted position.

This is powerful vulnerability.

For Jesus preexisted in the divine form of God, equal with God the Father in every way.


The Creator took on the form of created.

The Infinite became finite.

The Sinless took sin upon Himself.

He refused to selfishly cling to His favored position as the divine Son of God.

He left heaven, and…

Jesus took the form of a servant.

He experienced what it was to be fully engaged as a human being.

He took upon Himself all the frailties, limitations, problems and sufferings that came with the Fall.

He knew what it was to be hungry.

He knew what it was to be tired.

He knew what is was to be sad.

And, in the eyes of those around him, he lived an unexceptional life.

His followers were common men.

Most only had a little education and skills.

Most had no position.

They were unlikely to be “change the world type of people.”

When the political and religious elite turned against Him, Jesus submitted to every humiliation and indignity from His enemies.

He refused to defend Himself.

He refused to call on heaven’s power, or His own.

For what He most desired to do was to prove His love.

Jesus proves His love.

He was mocked.

He was falsely accused.

He was spat upon.

He was beaten with fists.

His beard was pulled out.

Yet He was never defensive, never bitter, never demanding, never accusing.

Instead, He powerfully allowed Himself to be vulnerable.

He suffered the most cruel, most excruciating, most shameful form of punishment.

He purposely died.

And as the text says, “Even death on a cross.”

Effectively, the highest of all became the lowest of all.

So here is my encouragement to you today…


There is no better example.

Don’t ever think that God is proud!

Don’t ever think that God is undeserving of our worship!

For He is deserving.

He is the example of humility.

ILL Christmas (S)

It was time for the Christmas program and there was a seventh-grade boy by the name of William Spurling. William Spurling was big for his age and a little slow. But he was a good boy and all the kids liked him.

William Spurling wanted to be a shepherd, but the teacher decided that he would make a better innkeeper than a shepherd since he was so big. So she gave him the task of being the rough, mean innkeeper.

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