Summary: God has called us to a life of practical holiness which we have to demonstrate in our thoughts, words and actions or deeds. No alternative to this demand would be accepted.

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Study Texts: Ps.15: 1-5, Ps.24: 3-4, Heb.12: 14

-The single, unchanging demand of God for all His children in all ages is that we should be holy. -He commands us to “Follow (pursue, practice) peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord”

-Nothing more is required, Nothing less is sufficient, Nothing else is important

-If we do not understand the meaning of holiness how then do we know when we have gotten it and if we had it already, how do we know when have lost it?

* Holiness is simply Godliness: What are the attributes of godliness: faithfulness, sincerity, love, forgiveness, mercifulness etc. 1Pet.1: 15-16

* Holiness is Christ-likeness in the heart, in action, habit, conversation, motive, disposition, attitude (Heb.7: 26, 1Pet.2: 21, Rom.8: 29)

-Character of Jesus---He was righteous, He was good without ulterior motive, He was not doing good for recognition, popularity or gain. It is not the action, but what is behind the action

Jesus was compassionate, faithful, sincere, honest, just, considerate, innocent, meek, lowly, patience, longsuffering,, loving and forgiving, self-denying, resisting temptation

* Holiness is Christ sermon demonstrated through us and manifested and duplicated in us.


-When sanctification is established in the heart, how should it manifest?

It is manifested in:

(i). Sanctified Tongue—Titus 3: 2, James 3: 2--- (no backbiting)

(ii). Sanctified Temper—Eph.4: 31-32 ( No anger, No bitterness, No hatred against anybody (sinners or believers alike)

(iii) Sanctified Thought—Phil.4: 8 Don’t think on the negative, because –ve thought weakens us and you will not be able to edify one another or raise up the hand of our team members.

(iv). Sanctified Tolerant Col.3: 12-14 (Not sinful tolerant)

(v) (Sanctified Thirst Ps.63: 1-3, Ps.73: 25, Ps.42: 1.

(vi). Sanctified Temple 1Cor.6: 19-20, Rom.12: 1-2, our body must be kept holy and pure.

Some xtian say it does not mater what I do with my body, drink with my mouth, whatever the cloth I wear, whatever I touch with my hands or take with my lips or speak with my lips.

(vii) Sanctified Team. Eph.4: 2-3.

UNITY: You cannot write UNITY without “I” and we cannot have UNITY without “U” and “I”

If you put “I” first, we cannot have UNITY, but when “I” gives way for “U”, there will be UNITY.

UNITED---“I” is standing behind “T” we will have UNITY but

UNTIED---But if “I” says I will go a head of “T”, whosoever wants to join me, let him come and meet me, in that way we cannot be UNITED.

Practical life of holiness is essential for seeing God. 2Tim.2: 19, Heb.12: 14, 1Pet.2: 1 (depart from malice, iniquity, anger, lust etc).

It is possible to have the appearance of Abraham but the heart of Absalom

The appearance of Jude but the heart of Judas

The appearance of Deborah but the heart of Delilah

What is holiness / sanctification

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