Summary: This Message Shows How Essential Praise Is In our Everyday Life Whether Afflicted Or Not.

Praise Opened The Door

Acts 16: 25- 26

25) And at midnight Paul and Silas Prayed and Sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them.

26) And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundation of the prison were opened, and every ones bands were loosed.

In the formentioned passages of scripture you see that Paul and Silas making a major impact on the people in the city. Because they were bold enough to go into a province that did not have similar customary beliefs as it relates to salvation. It was Paul and Silas who showed these people the way of salvation.

They were so impactful that some of the masters of that city became distraught; Therefore, they took hold of Paul and Silas and began to beat them with many stripes. After such was done they place them in the inner prison where they secured them with stocks, chains and a guard to be certain that what happened with Peter would not happen with them that there would be no way to escape.

But At Midnight

Paul & Silas

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A great erthquake shook the foundation of the prison and immediately all the doors were opened and everyones bands were loosed.

If we are looking for a difference in the way people see us we must let them here a sincere praisev from you. Until they see the adoration you have for God. Many will remain "Questionable".

Until they See a:

1) Yada Praise

Yada - Means to revere or worship with extended hands.

2) Halal Praise

Halal - Means to boast or to rave.

You really haven’t praised God right until someone around you gets offended.

Praise is an expression of approval or admiration of gratitude and devotion for blessings received.

Praise of God is the acknowledging of God’s:

1) Perfection

2) Works

3) Benefits

Revelations 4:11

Thou art worthy, O Lord to receive Glory; Honor and Power for thou hast created all things, and for the pleasure they are and were created.

In the most difficult of situations Praise will initiate the movement of God’s hand on your behalf.

Praise Open The Door

This season many of us have been experiencing a great deal of frustrations and feel as we ourselves are in bondage. There are certain doors we knew were supposed be opened are now closed. Likewise there are a certain doors we thought were closed are just one praise away from being opened.

Praise is a theme that influences the whole Bible and it is an appointed calling.

Praise is not what you do - Praise is who I am

when praise becomes something you then you are a professional praiser.

Praise Opened The Door

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