Summary: This particular Psalm has been called the "Great Hallelujah Psalm" It is an invitation for all to become active in the praise of God. Let’s examine some of the benefits of corporate praise.

The writer of this Psalm used the phrase "Praise Him" nine times, we also find the word "Praise" used an additional four times in this writing. There must be some significant or special reason for the instruction to praise to be given. Is it possible that God wants praise to be not only a personal matter but, also to be a corporate endeavor. Let’s look at the Where, Why and How of Praise.

(1) The Where Of Praise.

(A) The Region Of Praise: "Praise Ye the Lord. Praise God in His sanctuary:"

(a) First we find Praise should come from His temple here on Earth.

This is the place where He has chosen to manifest His presence and power. In the days of the Old-Testament His temple was the Tabernacle constructed by Moses. Later His presence was manifested in the temple built by Solomon. But today, we, the blood bought and redeemed are the temple of the Holy Ghost.

(b) His Praise Is To Come From the Heavens.

"Praise Him In the Firmament of His Power." The word "firmament" is also rendered as "expanse".

We find here a call upon those who dwell above in that expanse, in Heaven to unite with those of us on earth in His praise.

(c) The earthly temple and Heaven are mentioned together to signify the universality of His praise. see also (1 Kings 8:39,43,&49).

(Psalms 11:4). ""The Lord is in His holy temple, the Lord’s throne is in Heaven:"

(2) The Why of Praise. "Praise Him for His mighty acts."

(a) The mighty acts in creation.

(Psalms 33:6)" By the WORD of the LORD were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the BREATH of His mouth."

Notice the Trinity, the members of the Adorable God-Head at work here in this verse. We have "the Word" Jesus, "the Lord" Jehovah, and the "Breath" the Holy Spirit.

(b) Praise Him for His mighty acts in Provision.

Think of all the marvellous and mighty things He had done for His people Israel. This same God who parted the Red Sea, delivered a giant into the hands of David, and brought the three Hebrew children through the furnace is working on our behalf even now. He is Jehovah Jireh. Our Provider!

(c) Praise Him for His mighty acts in redemption.

His wisdom and grace are most clearly seen and demonstrated in redemption of man.

(3) The How Of Praise: "Praise Him according to His excellent greatness." The word "excellent is rendered by the Hebrew writers as "multitude"

(a) The implication is that we are to render praise to God in a manner which is in proportion to His greatness and glory.

(b) Man’s praise should correspond with God’s greatness as far as is possible. It is important to understand that even with our most perfect praise it will still fall short of His infinite greatness and


In Closing: The Manner Of Praising God should be mentioned. (verses 3-5) tell us we are to praise Him with the sound of musical instruments.

(a)The Praise of God should be Joyful:

Cymbals,dancing, and trumpets were used at times of joyous occasions, such as festivals. see: (2 Sam. 6:5) David played before the Lord a number of instruments.(Ezra 3:10-11).

(b) The Praise of God should be Perfect as is possible.

Everything pertaining to worship should be done in reverence, we should bring to God the best we have to offer. Our gift of Praise should carry with it the emphasis of our adoration and love to our God. Anything less is unacceptable. The most devout worship will be hymns of praise with the highest of regards, and music of the greatest harmony.

(c) The Praise of God should also be with all our energy. We are to worship Him in Spirit and truth.

Let Everything That Hath Breath Praise The Lord. Praise Ye the Lord.

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