Summary: This sermon looks at Praise as a function of our worship.

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Why is it when we think of worship we nearly always associate it with music? Most assuredly music is part of worship but just a part. It however, happens to be the part we will look at today.

There must be some great truth underlying the instinct for worship.

—Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge

We will look for that very truth this morning from the 19th Psalm.

First we see that there will never be an ABSENCE of worship. Consider what Jesus said in Luke 19:40… (paraphrased) if these do not praise me then the very rocks will cry out.

Creation does just that in verses 1-6. It:

1. Shows His handiwork

2. Utters speech

3. Reveals Knowledge

Romans 1:20 tells us that this is His eternal power and divine nature. This is what is known as General Revelation.

Verses 7-11 reveal the ATTRIBUTES that are to be worshipped. They are the:

1. The law of the Lord- is perfect

2. The testimony of the Lord- is sure

3. The statutes of the Lord- are right

4. The fear of the Lord- is clean

5. The judgments of the Lord- are true and righteous

These represent Special Revelation. Notice also that each of those praiseworthy things are “of the Lord”.

Lastly verses 12-14 reveal the proper ATTITUDE we should have in worship.

That of:

1. Humility

2. Repentance

3. A desire that our worship be acceptable to God

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