Summary: Three solid reasons given in th etext to give God the Praise that is His. Without excuse, we all should Praise the Lord.

Praising God 101

Psalm 150:1-6 KJV


The first and last of the psalms have both the same number of verses, are both short, and very memorable.

But the scope of them is very different: the first psalm is an elaborate instruction in our duty, to prepare us for the comforts of our devotion; this is all rapture and transport, and perhaps was penned on purpose to be the conclusion of these sacred songs, to show what is the design of them all, and that is to assist us in praising God.

The psalmist had been himself full of the praises of God, and here he would fain fill all the world with them: again and again he calls, "Praise the Lord, praise him, praise him,"

no less than thirteen times in these six short verses.

(By Matthew Henry Commentary of the Whole Bible intro notes)


Praise God in His Sanctuary

~We have all heard people say…”I don’t need to be in the church to be a part of church”

~Clearly, this verse is telling us were we could go and what to do when we get there.

**People miss the mark when they come to church, we tend to think of it as more of a

social gathering then we do an opportunity in which to praise the Lord !

**If you’re not here, how can you praise?

>>We all know the verse in Hebrews 10:25

(Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.)

>>Its important to notice the words used in this verse.

The word (assembling) has a meaning in the Greek of “to gather together as one” or

“to gather in one place”

>>By these definitions of this word we can see that we all need to come together as one

and lift our voices, our hands, our faces, and even our wallets out, and give the praise

and honor that is due the Lord.

**We know that it is then that all the excuses come out of why they cannot go to church.

You know all the old standby ones…

…”I can’t go there, there is a bunch of hypocrites going there.

…”I can’t go there, there is a bunch of liars that go there.

…”I can’t go there, there is a bunch of gossipers going there.

**What better place for any and all of these to be, then in the church, won’t you join them

**Who cares what they have done, who cares what they have been through, who cares

how bad it has been, just put it all down and give him the praise and honor that is due

Him. And let the Lord of Lords work out the things in their lives. AMEN !?

I Peter 2:9 tells us what we should do……

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light

~In Isaiah 6 we find the angels praising God INSIDE the Temple

~In Luke 2 we find Simeon praising God INSIDE the Temple

~In Luke 24 we see the followers of Jesus INSIDE the Temple after he had departed back

to the Father.

~Once we get it right on the onside we can take it outside to share with those who don’t

know Jesus Christ as there Saviour.


Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.

1. For He is Worthy

2. For His wonderful Grace

3. For His Gift of Salvation

4. For His Son, Jesus Christ

5. For His gift of the Holy Ghost

A. that keeps me

B. that seals me

C. that guides me

D. that teaches me

E. that comforts me

6. For making me a New Creature

A. old things have passed away

B. all things have become new

C. I’m not the person that I used to be

D. my dress has changed

E. my wants have changed

F. my conversation has changed

G. my walk has changed

H. my desires have changed

7. For the fellowship with the saints

8. For a place to worship

9. For a place to call my home

10. For a family to love and enjoy

11. For a job, that enables me to provide

12. For a chance to praise you with a tithe offering


We know WHERE to Praise the Lord, we know WHY to Praise the Lord, let close with WHAT to Praise the Lord with.


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