Summary: The nation received a wakeup call from hell on September 11th.

Pray Christian Pray !

The horror that occurred on September 11th is indelibly imprinted on all our minds. Our nation in response, is in the process of trying to root out terrorism wherever it exists around the world. However, does the body of Christ realize what the Lord expects from us in response to this national tragedy?

The nation received a wakeup call from hell on September 11th. God was not the author of the attack. The attack was demonic. It was authored and inspired from the pits of hell. It was carried out by men choosing with their free will to do evil "in the name of God." What could be more evil than that! Matthew 6:23 says,

"If your light is darkness, how deep will the darkness be!"

Psalm 91 is entitled: "Security under God’s protection" and speaks in great detail about God’s protection... "With His pinions He will cover you and under His wings you shall take refuge." However

vs 1 spells out the requirements that we must meet for this protection: "that we dwell ... and abide in the shadow of the Almighty." God allows us by our free will to walk out from under His protection and

that is exactly what our country has done. God hasn’t moved, we have. We are standing naked and on our own due to our choices.

This country must make a serious and dramatic course correction. Our politicians standing on the steps of congress singing God bless America is not going to cut it. We want God to bless America but we don’t want to change. We want Him to bless our mess. He’s not going to do it! He wants us to clean up our mess. Don’t we realize that on any busy Saturday in the good old USA, we kill as many babies in abortion clinics as the terrorists did on 9/11. Does God see any difference between the deaths of these babies and the

deaths of the people in the twin towers? Does not Jesus weep as deeply over the babies whose brains are sucked out of their skulls in partial birth infanticide as he did over the victims in the WTC.

The October 2001 issue of The Catholic World Report comments on the events of 9/11: "The Islamic zealots who rail against the "Great Satan" (us) speak about the moral decadence of Hollywood and MTV... a regime that promotes sodomy and abortion and urges

other countries to do the same. It is enormously significant... that before seizing the American embassy in November 1979, the Iranian mob inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini first sacked the offices of

Planned Parenthood in Teheran." What we export is part of the reason they hate us so much.

When we walk away from God’s protection, Deut 28:25 tells us what we can expect in battle: "The LORD will let you be beaten down before your enemies; though you advance against them from one direction, you will flee before them in seven, so that you will become a terrifying example to all the kingdoms of the earth."

Right now we are attacking and attempting to wield the sword of Justice with hands that are as bloody as the terrorists. It won’t work.

God is not looking to the politicians and secular leaders to lead us out of this mess. He is looking primarily to the body of Christ. He expects us Christians to associate ourselves with the sins of our

nation and repent. Time after time we see this in the bible. Nehemiah, Ezra, Daniel and Moses though innocent themselves, they recognized they were part of a body and prayed: "We have sinned." They prayed for the sinful nation as one of them. They led in repentance as part of the problem not from afar. In Daniel chapter 9, Daniel prays: "We have sinned... we have rebelled... we have not obeyed... we are shamefaced... we are guilty." Nine times Daniel prayed "we", expressing repentance for a sinful nation as one of them.

2 Chronicles 7:14 sums it up beautifully: "If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven,

forgive their sins and heal their land." We hristians must bow low before the Lord and raise a humble cry of repentance for the sins of our nation and ask God in His mercy to turn us back to the "shadow of His wings." Will the body of Christ wake up and mourn

and weep for our sins or will we push the collective snooze button and go back to sleep, only to be awakened at a later date by a horror show that will completely dwarf September 11th .

Christians, the ball is in our court.

***** JESUS IS LORD *****

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