Summary: When we are most discouraged, we need all the more to pray, because it is the time we needed Him most. God is faithful and will come to our aid, and very often providing us with both our present and future needs.

Chap 18 - Elijah did a wonderful job - he challenged the false prophets and triumphed.

• 450 prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel

• God answered Elijah’s prayer with a holy fire (18:38)

• Elijah slaughtered all the false prophets

Now Queen Jezebel wanted to take Elijah life - within 24 hours.

• Great man - able to challenge 450 prophets - had his weakness too.

• For the past 3.5 years, he had seen God’s provision (raven, widow) and power, yet he was not afraid of a woman’s threat (Jezebel possessed great power...)

• He was afraid and ran for his life.

Everyone had his/her time of weakness.

• No matter what great work we may have done for the Lord, remember, we have to trust Him.

• When we turn our eyes from Him, and see our circumstances and the persecution of man, we will be discouraged.

Elijah fled into the desert. Told servant to stay behind at Beersheba and he went on.

He was so discouraged he prayed that he might die. (19:4)

• He has forgotten about God’s provision for Him at the brook (ravens), the widow, Mt Carmel...

• His eyes were on his circumstances rather than on the Lord.

But the good thing is that he PRAYED - discouraged, but he still shared with the Lord.

Some, when they are discouraged, leave God. They do not want to talk to God. They stop going to church.

Elijah talked to God. We need to, because we are in greater need of God when we are down and out. We need all the more to pray, because God will respond.

• The right response to a discouraging situation is to PRAY.

• Bring our sorrows, feelings of hopelessness to God in prayer.


• Apparently he was too tired - he slept and the angel woke him up to eat.

• Again he slept again and was awakened again, for him to eat.

God provided the BASIC needs - sometimes what we need is rest - sleep and food.

• God provided food again - in the desert.

• God gives the best - freshly baked cake (v.6)

• Amazing, in Elijah’s experiences - God has been providing food - ravens, widow, angel in the desert...

1 Kings 19:7 "Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you."

Not only current needs - but what you need for the future!

He is going to travel for 40 days and nights.

• Actually from Beersheba to Mt Horeb, it would take about 14 days on foot (200miles).

• God strengthens him with that food - for 40 days, 40 nights. God teaches him to trust Him and learned lessons of His faithful care and provision.

(Israel travelled across the desert for 40 years, sustained by the manna God had provided.)


1. When you are most tired, most discouraged - PRAY. God knows what we need BEST.

2. God provides the most basic - very often the best.

3. Not only current needs - He knows the future - the long journey we will take - and He provides what we need for the future.


ILLUST - for us to see the President, to Prime Minister - big shots - many hurdles, no chance. Even if there is, we have to apply and wait many weeks.

God our Creator is always ready to spend time with us. Quite incomprehensible.

Prayer is a wonderful privilege!

Isaiah 40:29 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

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