Summary: God will stay the course in the day of the enemies' attack and give you grace until truth and salvation finish.

Prayer Against Enemy Attack


Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid (July 24, 2014)

“And David spake unto the LORD the words of this song in the day that the LORD had delivered him out of the hand of all his enemies and out of the hand of Saul” (II Samuel 22:1, King James Version [David's song of thanksgiving]).

Greetings in the Holy Name of Jesus,

Let us pray:

The Lord is my Saviour, and my branch, and my deliverer; The God of my Saviour will I trust for whom can you trust? He is my mantle and the greatness of my joy, my enlightenment, and my hiding place, my Almighty God; thou savest me from Satan's temptations. I will call on the LORD, who is more precious than gold and praise His Holy name, so I will be saved from demonic and Satanic influence, witchcraft, sorcery, magic and the fascination of charms. When no one would call me their own, the influx of strangers who sought to win high esteem for my persecution captured me to enslave me; The darkness of prison walls and jail cells threatened to take me out; the traps of lies did not let the truth see the light; In my fear for my future existence I called upon the LORD, and I cried with the compassion of a child crying to her Father: and he did hear my cry on His throne, and my cry was heard in His ears. Then the sky grew dark as night and the thunder roared; the rains came down from heaven moved and shook, because God gave me relief a way out of no way a new beginning with a new avenger who did not see things the way Satan set things up so he could take me and all that I owned.

Yes LORD four years, God sent the light to answer my prayer. The phone line went out and all communication with the outside world at a distance stopped. For seven days the heavens bowed and the rains came down; and darkness gave in to the light the last three days but the rains continued to fall. Finally, the rains ceased and days later, I found out after the phone line was repaired a dear friend died of a heart attack.

I felt abandoned and all alone and screamed with a scream of a broken heart for even though we lived at a distance and even though he dealt with his fear and sickness we knew we were there for each other. But God rode through the skies and the rains came down, thundered and roared on a lightning rod and as the rains came down and the darkness was under my feet he was working it all out for me unbeknownst to me, God saved me and 16 days after the death of my friend the mailbox delivered the answer of, “It is finished”. My God drew me off the edge of the mountain. My God did not let me fall into the deep waters. My God delivered me from my strong enemy. My God delivered me from those who hated me.

The LORD was my stay in the day of my calamity. He brought me out into a large place. He delivered me because He loved me and I love my LORD. He caressed me in the hours of darkness with the Name of Jesus and the darkness screamed and a body fell down from on high to the floor. He caressed me in His bosom.

God kept me from the false accusers, the lies, the wicked intentions, the greed and the ambition. Therefore, God paid me for my righteousness, according to my cleanness, for with the merciful God delivered mercy and with the pure, God did not show himself unsavory, he delivered me for my pureness. Even though those who sought to take me disgraced me, my body, my love for the Almighty God, my love for Jesus, he still acquit-ed me ---for my pure heart. For my God promised to deliver the righteous out of all their afflictions. For His eyes were on the haughty those that sought power over me; those who willed authority over me and God brought them down.


For God is my lamp, my light and He did lighten my darkness in the day that I cried out--- the spirit of Christ Jesus came in and my deliverer drove on the highways and byways over the hills and through the valleys to get to me and the doors did not close as they scheduled for I was free, For whomever, Christ Jesus, freed, is free, indeed. God is a great God. For God is a buckler against the false accuser and the spirit of Christ Jesus stood strong against my strong enemy and fought the good fight and took the burden upon His shoulders for the government is His to bear. Praise His Holy Name. He is worthy.

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