Summary: Should have seen the look on the devil’s face when the next morning the cell was empty!

Prayer For Disappointment

PSALMS 17:12-13

Elder J.L. Groce

Calvary Tabernacle

Molino, FL

1. God is the only all-knowing entity.

2. He knows the end from the beginning.

3. Eyes are as a flame of fire—nothing is hidden from Him.

4. Man, at best, can only make educated guesses. (Except what we know is plainly declared in the Bible).

5. May come as a surprise to many that the devil does not know all things.

6. Several things people think they know about the devil—that the Bible says are false:

a) Satan is in charge of hell, that hell is his headquarters and his throne is there—walking about in the fire. Incorrect! Devil is god of this world. His kingdoms are of this world. Perganum: “Where Satan’s seat (throne) is.” The devil and his angels will be cast into hell.

Next b) Devil is not everywhere at once. Only God is omnipresent.

And c) Devil is not all knowing. Only God is omniscient. Devil does not know the outcome of events until they unfold. He plans, devises and has expectations. “expecting after Easter to…..”

7. Psalms 17: Lion is greedy of his prey. Lurking in secret. Psalmist prays, “Disappoint him, O Lord!”

8. Disappoint: to fail to fulfill the expectation, hope or desire of an individual.

9. Psalms 17: Lion is stalking, expecting to kill and devour. “Disappoint him, O Lord,” is the prayer that is prayed.

10. “Upset his plans, God”

11. Disappointment is usually used in a negative sense. But when used in reference of the devil it is always a positive sense!

12. Divinely disappoint him O Lord!

13. When the lion closes in on his prey—ready to devour—expecting to kill—disappoint him O Lord!

14. Peter: James killed—intending after Easter.

15. “BUT prayer was made of the church without ceasing.”

16. Elab: 3 wards back. Firmly locked away from all help (so they thought).

17. Should have seen the look on the devil’s face when the next morning the cell was empty!

18. Need to learn to pray for DIVINE DISAPPOINTMENTS to the plans of the devil.

19. Lost husbands, children, loved ones, co-workers, etc. Divinely disappoint the devil’s plans to take them to hell.

20. Revival: hell plans to stop it!

21. The work of God: hell plans to stymie it!

22. Your walk with God: the devil is expecting to detour you!

23. BUT God can Divinely Disappoint the devil!

24. Calvary: What the devil believed was a great victory.

25. Resurrection: satan’s greatest disappointment!

26. Salvation: satan must face Calvary with ever conversion. Acts 2:38!


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