Summary: Prayer Life is very important for every Christian. The prayer for individual growth, family and for all nations are important.

Introduction: Everywhere altars, every stone becomes, every tree, every river, every mountain is god and full of Altars. God hates all kinds of Idol worships. Rebellion is equivalent to Idol worship (I Sam 15:23), greedy is an idolater (Eph 5:5, Col 3:5)

Do not make idols (Ex 20:4, Lev 20:1, Dt. 5:8) Destroy all idols, cast images, figured stones, and high places. Break down their altars, smash their pillars, hew down their sacred poles and burn their idols with fire (Dt. 7:5, 12:3).

Aaron made idol (Dt. 9:12) Why Aaron made idols, because he wanted to live, rather to die. If he doesn’t make, they will throw stones at him. Aaron became a cursed man (Dt.27:15). Solomon built Altars and high places followed other gods, beyond our comprehension how terrible is sin (I Ki. 11:1-8). Jeroboam made idols and kept them in Bethel and Dan in order to please people and earn money (I Ki. 12:27-30). Personal Testimony: How people threatened me to comply to them otherwise they say that they will write complaints.

Their land is filled with idols (Is. 2:8) and they will utterly pass away (Is. 2:18, Ezek. 30:13, 36:25, Mic. 1:7)). God can never share his glory with Idols (Is. 48:8). Idols are scarecrow and delusion (Jer. 10:5, 14-15).

Gideon a man from the family of Idol worship, God raised this person as a great Leader, reformer. Gideon overturned the Altar in BC 1249. but he must throw it down not consecrate the same altar to God. according to the ancient law for altars raised on particular occasions, that they must be of earth not of hewn stone. Gideon obeyed the Heavenly Vision immediately.

Two bullocks: young bullock, and the

second bullock of seven years old, it was a bullock that was fattened to be offered in sacrifice to Baal. The former, was to offer for himself, the latter for the sins of the people. It was the high priestly calling. (Lev 16:11).

It was requisite he should thus make peace with God, before he made war on Midian. Till sin be pardoned through the great sacrifice, no good is to be expected. whatever sets up itself in opposition to God shall be destroyed.

Altar of Appease: Noah built an Altar for God, that altar was changing the heart of God, attracting the nose of God– God smelled the pleasing odour and said in His heart (Gen 8:20-22). Altar which removed the curse, brought the blessings.

Altar of Promises: Abraham Built Altars for the Lord, his life was full of Altars, full of walking with God, full of promises and hopes. Gen 12:7, Altar at Hebron (13:8, 15:9-21) – promising Altar, prophesying Altar. Blazing torch moved in between (15:17).

Altar of Sacrifice: all desires, all love, all lust, all wants, all needs, all and everything sacrifice for God alone (Gen 22:9). If anyone who loves his father, mother, son, daughter more than me is not worthy to follow Jesus (Mt 10:37) unless you deny yourself, deny your family, deny your evil associations, deny your relatives and friends who are against the progress of your spiritual life.

Altar of Humility: The Ex 20:6 is fulfilled here, God blessed Isaac because of Abraham (Gen.26:25). The Peaceful altar, god made him to expand, multiply, etc., Rehoboth.

Gracious Altar: El Elohe Israel. Ge 33:11,20. Gave me everything, blessed me, gave me wives, gave me children, gave me servants, gave me sheep, gave me all blessings. El Bethel, the place where I found the help, found the life, found the healing, found the safety (Gen 35:7)

Family Altar: Moses built an altar with 12 pillars, representing 12 tribes, he offered burnt offerings (Ex 24:4-7). He cleansed them by blood and words. Job built family altar regularly (Job 1:5). Jacob and David failed to build family Altars so their children did not live together, there was family fight, no peace at home. God looks for family Altars, personal altars, friendship altars.

Altar for Nation: David built and an Altar to save the nation. II Sam 24:25. He offered burnt and fellowship offerings to the Lord.

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