Summary: If we are not praying right we can’t expect much from God.

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PRAYER IS THE ONLY ANSWER EX 32:7-10, DT 9:7-11, 17-19

In DT 9 Moses is recounting how God has brought them to where they are. More than once he

refers to them as a rebellious people. It was because Moses was a man of prayer that these

people were still alive. I want us to recall what these people did that caused them to be a

people that God was not pleased with. I want us also to realize it was because of prayer that

God moved in their hearts. Many of these people had seen God deliver them from Egypt with

a mighty. They were taken out of Egypt but failed in following God as He desired. Horeb and

the golden calf, 3,000 lost their lives. Taberah- The people complained and God sent fire out

of heaven and many burned to death because of God’s anger. Masseh- “Is the Lord among us

or not?” They complained again. They wanted to kill their leader. Moses asked them why they

were tempting the Lord? Moses stuck a rock and they had water to drink. Kibroth- Complained

because they had no meat to eat. God sent them quails. They ate this meat for a month and it

became loathsome to them. Their craving made them eat so much that it came back up

through their mouths and noses. It says that many of them were buried from this craving.

Kadesh Barnea- 12 spies. Many died of this. These people it seemed just did not learn and

were rebellious. Yet our scripture tells us that Moses prayed for them and his prayers changed

God from destroying them. My heart says to you are you praying for those who are lost and

rebellious? Are you praying so that God will save them? Moses spent two times it says in

prayer for this people. 40 days and 40 nights. How is your prayer life?

WHY PRAY TOGETHER? Do you pray together? a member of a church missions committee asked

a couple who were being examined for possible support. After an awkward pause the husband

replied. “We both pray but we do not pray together.” They are not alone. Many pastors and veteran

missionaries do not pray together. Nine out of ten Americans say they pray, but only about 14% pray

together with their family, close friends, or their church. Many do not understand why they need to

pray together. An elder who faithfully attended prayer meeting asked his pastor, “Why don’t you just

give us a list of prayer requests so we could pray for them at home instead of coming to prayer

meeting?” We need to pray together to establish our family, our Christian friendships and our church

under the authority of our God.

I. God CREATED US TO PRAY TOGETHER. You see Praying together began in the

garden of Eden Our first parents were created in the image of God, and they could talk with

God and He with them. God and the first couple were in one accord, In Their home they

were in touch with heaven


sudden they decided to go alone and not believe in what God had told them. Their home

became a place of discord. Their offspring shared their ruined image. Cain murdered Abel,

By Noah’s day there was not a man but their thoughts were to do evil continually. Are we

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