Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: No matter what, do not compromise prayer! Chuck everything else to be consistent with God in prayer! Then God would testify Himself about you!

Abraham prayed!

Genesis 20:7 "Now therefore, restore the man's wife, for he is a prophet, and he will pray for you and you will live. But if you do not restore her, know that you shall surely die, you and all who are yours."

It was ‘Parent’s meeting day’ at our Abide School, I get to meet the parents and talk to them, during the recent meeting, one particular muslim mother who joined her three children in our school, told me, ‘my children are studying well now, most important there are no fights in our home now, there is peace in our home.’ She stressed on the words, ’after they joined this school!’ I was moved! I told her emphatically ‘Jesus is the reason for the peace in your home’, she said, ‘yes’. Besides our morning assembly at our School, where we spend lot of time praising and praying, I pray individually and also as a family for every student and teachers of our school. I could now see the prayers working! Nothing more exciting than seeing the fruits of your labor!

“For he is a prophet, he will pray for you and you will live!” These words captivated me and it becomes special because those were the words of God Himself to king Abimelech in a dream! Imagine, the Lord defending Abraham! The words, ‘he will pray for you’ put fire in my heart! None, can give testimony of your prayer life than the very person with whom you are speaking with! God himself! Can one scripture make a person pray for two full hours? It did for me! I’ve been reading the Bible back and forth for the last ten decades and more; yet, this year, this month, this scripture triggered me to pray more and more! I was encouraged because: a) God listens b) God answers (at times, delayed though) c) God appreciates. Praise God!

The church needs to teach the believers to pray! We don’t get, because we don’t ask enough – midway, we abort the operation because we feel there are no answers. Listen! Keep pressing, keep praying, keep trusting! That’s what I learnt from my walk with God! God picked up Abraham from the midst of the stink of idols and commanded him to follow Him wholeheartedly, Abraham did just that. The simple words , “Abram went forth as the LORD had spoken to him’ may seem to be simple action for us but for God it meant ‘obedience’. Are you listening to me? From this point of Abraham’s obedience started a love affair between Abraham and God! Boy! I feel thrilled even as I write this!

Look at the umpteen affairs people have! Jumping in and out of relationships like throwing balls in the air! No wonder, they end up frustrated and irritated because none would give contentment, satisfaction, joy like a love affair with God! Ah!!!! You know what, God would never degrade you in front of others, ditch you, betray you or ignore you, He is so cute that even the smallest act is appreciated! When I grieve God by doing things that hurt Him, I have immediately felt the presence of God leave me! I feel it! I feel it! I stand today because of His Everlasting Arms around me, even a second if He takes off His arms, I feel it! I immediately go about rectifying my error so that I get back those Arms around me! Ah! The warmth of those Arms around me is unexplainable and indescribable! I share my testimonies because I know they are making lasting impact on you guys and also helping you get intimate with God. Agree? Someone said: “An intimate walk with God will produce an impacting work among men.”

After Abraham obeyed God and journeyed, the presence of Canaanites scared him, God sensed it immediately and appeared to Abram and said, "To your descendants I will give this land." When Abraham was afraid God appeared to comfort him! Boy, their chemistry seems to be too intimate! Do you have this craving for God? Do you at least yearn to be close to God and hear His voice? Look what Abraham does, he built an altar for the Lord. It was no secret worship but an open altar where Abraham communed with the Lord in the midst of his enemies. Such should be our prayer life! No matter what, do not compromise prayer! Chuck everything else to be consistent with God in prayer! Then God would testify Himself about you!

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