Summary: Prayer is that activity whereby a person who is trying to live the life of a beleiever seeks to open up his or her mind and heart to the promised help and guidance of God the Father.

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by Bishop Charles C Jones

Matthew 6:5-8 Text verse 7

There can be no doubt at all that when it comes to the activity of what we call Prayer we will find that it is the very heart beat of every saved beleiver. It is the defining mark of every believer that say's to those around them and to the world that yes I make time in my life for Prayer because Prayer makes the Difference.

There are are a lot of people today who do not pray, or who at least do not make prayer a regular habit. How are we going to answer the person who insists he has tried prayer and has found from their practical experience that Prayer makes no difference?

The first thing we should do is make it clear to the individual of what prayer really is. And perhaps the best way to do that is to begin by making clear to them what prayer is not.

For one thing, Prayer is not a quick and easy way of getting things from God for ourselves which otherwise we would not get. No this idea of prayer is really quite childish, and yet numbers of apparently intelligent people seem to think that this is all we mean by prayer.

H.G. Wells in his Autobiography, tells us how in his first book keeping examination he could not get his accounts to balance. So as time was creeping on, he prayed furiously to God to help him. No answer came. So he said " All right, God, don't catch me praying again."

Prayer is not, and let me emphasize, simply a quick and easy way of getting what we otherwise cannot get. If it were , it would be thoroughly bad for us. And if that was the case we would not develop at all, but we would remain petted, spoiled children all our days if God gave us everything that we asked for.

The question is asked, " Are we, then, not to ask God for anything at all? " Does this mean that my Prayers of Petition should be cut out altogether out of my prayers?

My answer to you is Yes and No. Yes we should pray and ask God for things that are in line with His Word but no we should not cut out our daily petitional prayers because there is nothing wrong with petitioning God on the behalf of yourself or anyone else for that fact. So yes you have a right to pray.

Jesus prayed constantly and since He teaches us and gives us an example of how we should pray in His name,can you imagine Jesus, in our position praying for us and Interceeding for us when we have to tell Him about all of our trials? Even when we cannot bear our burdens alone. In our distress He kindly will help us because He ever loves and cares for His own.

That is what Prayer "In the name of Jesus" really means. It means passing all our trials, burdens, distress and desires through a net so that He can catch and ensnare them so that they won't be a hinderance to you as He fulfills His purpose for you in your life.

Prayer is not just an amiable soliloguy with ourselves. amiable - friendly thing where God grants the wishes of a person. A soliloquy - (from Latin: "talking by oneself") is used in dramas whereby a character speaks to himself, relating his thoughts and feelings, thereby also sharing them with the audience. Some seem to suggest that that's all it is. They say in effect, that it does not matter very much whether there be a Personal God or not; they say that our prayers couldn't make any difference to His eternal purposes. But, nevertheless, they say,let us continue to pray; nothing supernatural will happen, nothing will quicken our minds, nothing will soothe our spirits or purify our thoughts. But I beg to differ just like the old saints use to sing ," I Found The Answer when I leanred to pray, with faith to guide me, I found the way, the sun is shining for me each day because i found the answer when i learned to pray." Ahhhhh There are some things I may not know,There are some places I can't go, But I am sure of this one thing, My God is real for I can feel Him in my soul.

How many of you know that Prayer makes a difference because you have a personal relationship with God?

How many of you know that Prayer gives you the ability to know His etenral purposes not fight against it?

How many of you know that Prayer ushers in the Supernatural power of God?

How many of you know that Prayer will quicken your spirit? That prayer will soothe your spirit and purify your thought?

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