Summary: Prayer is one important means of communion with God almighty. Any christian can learn how to pray, but not every prayer receives an answer.Do you want quick answers to your prayers? Read this sermon

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Prayer is a universal act, performed by everyone both believers and unbelievers alike. It is an obligatory act . It’s one of the most vital subjects every one of us should know thoroughly and practice faithfully. This sermon will teach you how.


a.Making our needs and desires known to God – Matt.7:7-11; Acts 12:5-17, Mk 11:24

b. A time of fellowship with the father Mk.1:35,lk9:28-35,Acts 13:1-2

c. A moment of offering your life to the lord as a sacrifice – Matt. 26:37-44,Rom 12:1-2

d. A time of engagement in spiritual warfare against the devil - Eph.6:12

e.To get hold of the invisible by faith- Heb 11:6:Jas 1:5-8


a. Pray not as the heathen- Matt. 6:7-8,1kings 18:21-29

b. Pray not as an hypocrite – Matt 6:5-6,lk 18:9-14

c. Pray not with sins inside of your heart. Mk 11:25-26, Matt.5:23-26, Ps 66:18-20

d. Pray not against the revealed will of God Ps.106:13-15, 1Sam 8:6-9,Matt 6:9-10

e. Pray not in unbelief – Matt!7:14-20,Jas 1:5-8


a. We need to pray any time. There is no specify time we are to pray. The Bible admonishes us to pray without ceasing 1Thes.5:17

b. Pray when you sense danger. You don't need to allow danger or problems overcome you before you remember to pray. Immediately you sense danger on your way, just silently ask the lord to take control.

c. pray when the lord's blessing are all over your life. Many christian allow the joy of success rob them their time of prayer. When God blesses you, that is even the time you need to sustain the blessing with serious prayers, otherwise the enemy can steal away the blessing.But with your prayers, God's presence will continue to protect you from all evil 1Chron.4:10

Whenever prayer is not answered, it cannot be from God. God is more willing to answer prayers, to give, bless, and perform miracles. If you want your prayers to be answered always follow the above principles.

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