Summary: Discover the true enemy of your prayer life and how to recover purposeful and meaningful time in prayer.

Prayer Under Attack!

The single most important time in the life of the believer is the time we spend alone with God.

1. Do you seem to be more physically, spiritually and emotionally drained?

2. Does your worship seem to be more ritualistic than genuine and authentic?

3. Do you get a sense that you are often times at a loss of being able to handle situations that arise in your life with a balance of practical Godly wisdom?

4. Do you find it hard to focus during a sermon, Bible study or prayer group session.

5. Do you find it increasingly more difficult to hear God’s voice; that is to distinguish His voice apart from and above all others around you?

6. How often would you say you actually hear that voice?

7. When that voice asks something of you, how good are you at following through?

If you have answered yes to most or all of these questions, then chances are, these next few questions will also be true.

1. Do we find it hard to pray?

2. Does it seems as though every time we sit down to pray something always interrupts or something we deem more pressing seems to pop up.

3. Do you have a sense that you are becoming dull to your passion and desire to pray consistently or even at all?

In Colossians 4:2

Paul says these words as he speaks to the Colossians:

“Continue in prayer and watch in the same with thanksgiving.”

Continue--Greek, "Continue perseveringly," "Keep up your constant times of prayer, without being diverted from it by other business; keep your hearts close to the duty, without wandering or deadness, and even to the end of it: that is to mean, pray and follow up on your prayers to see the end or outcome of them.

You and I wouldn’t have to “continue perseveringly in prayer” if your prayer time wasn’t being “perseveringly attacked”. The reason why most of us feel that we don’t have time to pray is because we don’t. We have consistently allowed our adversary to steal that special and precious time and place from us. He is determined not to release it back to us whatever the cost.

Be it known to you today my friends that if the enemy has stolen this from you he will not release it without a fight. In war, it would be the equivalent of having lost that which is the source of your strength and power to fight your enemy. To think that upon your request that your enemy will just give it back to you so that you might use it against him to destroy him would be ridiculous. If anything, your enemy has secured that precious commodity, has tightened security around it and has begun to strategically attack you in areas which are fast becoming vulnerable.

1. Home – Families can’t get along, marriages are failing, children are being neglected and abused, many because of this are resorting to violence the only way they know to protect themselves because mom and dad are to preoccupied with work or a divorce.

2. Finances – The job has just cut your hours or you may have been laid off, money is tight and the bills are piling up. Food sources are dwindling. Now you have begun to borrow from everyone and anyone. As a result now;

3. Friendships – either people you thought were your friends have begun to bail and abandon you or those that are good friends are beginning to distance themselves from you because every time you see them the conversation always ends with them having to spare a couple of dollars and they don’t mind helping you but your breaking their pockets and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

4. Happiness – Now you not only have problems in your home and on the job but now even you friends are becoming few. Now your happiness is dwindeling, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep your head up when things are constantly pushing you down. Everytime you want to hope another vital part of your life has become vulnerable and the enemy has successfully weekend it to the point of uselessness. Now you feel like giving up, now you feel like the world is on your shoulders and no one cares about you.

You begin to think that everyone and everything is trying to destroy you. You don’t know who the enemy is. You have been deprived of your power source far too long and you have become dangerously weak. The mind starts to go into shock. All it wants is relief, even if it is only temporary. So the mind starts to go back into the recesses of it’s memory bank to flood the consciousness with all of the things that it remembers brought some kind of relief, you start to think about using drugs again, picking up the bottle again, selling your body, promiscuity, getting even, revenge, all kinds of fleshly and carnal desires and now the only thing you have left which is the desire to live a righteous and holy life before God and man is gone. Your purity is now in jeopardy.

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