3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Ever wondered why your prayers seem to be hitting a brick wall. This is a word on effective praying through the spirit.


How is everyone today?

Today The word will be focused on praying for deliverence.

In Psalms 25:1-2 David said," I trust in you and lift up my soul to you O Lord." You know, when I was in Iraq in 2003-04, I put my trust in my fellow brother’s in arms. The thing is, is that they couldn’t have protected me from the explosion that crippled me, like God himself protected me. When God touches you, a near hopeless situation turns into a miracle of deliverance.

In Psalms 25:18, David writes," Look on my affliction and pain and forgive all my sins". This brings me to my first point. Without repentance, and a cleansed spirit; its hard for prayers to flow. Think of a carborator in a vehicle. If it is dirty or blocked, gas cannot flow like it should. Same with prayer. The message is, keep your spirit, the carborator, clean of trash so God can use you more efficiently.

Without a cleansed spirit; it’s hard to pray effectively.

In Psalms 25:11, David writes, "Pardon my iniquity, for it is great." My next point is getting to the spiritual root of your or another’s problem. They say elephants never forget. That is how God is. He doesn’t forget your iniquities. He forgives them but doesn’t forget them. Nor should you, because that is where testimonies come from. If you do not repent of your iniquities they will cloud your mind! And eventually consume you! Do you hear me church? They will cloud and consume your mind! You have to recognize them and repent of them. That is getting to the spiritual root of a problem.

Iniquities are what block alot of prayers.

In Psalms 25:9, David writes, "The humble He guides in justice, and the humble He teaches his ways." You have to humble yourself before god. Did you here me church? You have to humble yourself before the almighy God of Heaven! When you submit yourself before God, you let him know you are willing to be set free and to be used. Think of a person bonded in chains. In order for them to be freed from bondage they have to be willing for someone to free them so they can resume their work. You have to let God free you so he can do his work through you! Did you hear me? God has to free you so he can work through you!

You must humble yourself before God.


Its time for you to get out of those chains, figure out where those chains are coming from, and rid yourself of those chains so God can work through you! If anyone has bondage here today, God wants to free you of that bondage! It is written, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Church, its time you grabbed your spiritual weapon and begin deliverance!! Deliver yourselves and your brothers and sisters, from the devil by the authority God has given you.

Pray with me.

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