Summary: Prayer changes circumstances. The 4 part prayer of Jabez.

Praying Large/Living Large

1 Chronicles 4:9-10


This morning I want to introduce you to Jabez. A person who probably was skipped over more than he was read in the Bible until Bruce Wilkerson wrote a book called “The prayer of Jabez”. It is in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 if you want to begin to turn there. It is in the Old Testament right after 2 Kings. He is among a whole genealogy of names. So and so begot so and so, and then they died. Jabez can teach us something this morning. He can teach us if we desire to live large, we need to be praying large. We can do things in our own strength or we can do things in the strength of God. Which do you think will take us farther? Chronicles means historical record- it is the historical record of Jabez.

1 Chronicles 4:9-10 Read.

Nine chapters of a list of names. He stands out because he dared to believe God. His prayer is in 4 parts.

1. He prayed that God would Bless Him.

2. He prayed that God would enlarge his territory.

3. He prayed that God’s hand would be upon him.

4. He prayed that God would keep him from the evil one.

Those are prayers we should be praying for ourselves and others around us. Verse 9 is what we know about Jabez. Which it is not too much.

- He was more honorable than his brothers.

- his mother named him Jabez, which means pain. She must of had a hard labor with him and never let him forget it. Names in the Bible meant something. So to be named pain was a stigma he had to live with. Here comes Jabez, what a pain Everyday saddled with knowing that he was a disappointment.

-He could of blamed his life on his up-bringing.

- He could of blamed his mother- it’s her fault.

- I will never amount to anything.

But he does not stay there. Jabez cried out to God, (v10)

“Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory. Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I may be free from pain. And God granted his request. Jabez cried out to God, God granted his request, he free him from his past and promised to be with him in the future. (Amen )

Praying beyond God’s ability would be praying something that is outside the will of God. Praying outside something that God feels is best for you. Praying the perfect will of God for our lives unlocks the mighty blessings of God. God forgave us- be quick to forgive others. God wants to answer our prayers. God expects us to understand the principals of prayer. Jesus built the church on the foundation that Jesus is Lord When you operate your life on this principal. The word declares “Resist the devil and he will flee ” That is a fact Jack We can live and resist the devil and we can live lives victorious. The failure to live and walk in that kingdom principal is why many do not see more prayers answered. They pray outside of God’s will or they do not have a relationship with the Lord. Principal defined by Webster is “the ultimate source, origin or cause of something. Jesus words in Mark 11 tells us to “Have faith in God” He is our faith He is the source of power He is everything we need

Rev Roy Hicks

“God’s faith is so high and mine is so low. I just trust the grace of God to make up the difference” That is good The next time you can’t move a mountain, check your faith and go stand on top the mountain and praise the Lord When I am weak, He is strong

Look at your sermon notes:

1. Jabez prayed for God to Bless Him

Millions of prayers are offered everyday and many go un-answered because there is no relationship between God the Father, and the person praying. Even if they include Father, or In the Name of Jesus.

People need to get out of their comfort zones, diligently work on their relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus told the Laodecia church because you are luke warm- neither hot nor cold, I will spit you put of my mouth. Jabez says God I want to know you and I want you to bless me He is not famous. He is not a preacher. He is not a warrior from battle like David. He is a man of prayer that trusted God to do what He said he would do in his word. Do we have a right to pray such a big prayer? Absolutely The power is not in us It is in Jesus Christ. The blessing does not come from who we are, it comes from who we are in Christ. A child of God, who desires to bless his children.

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