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Summary: Why should we pray? A few reasons.

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(I got this illustration from Sermon Central)

-A young man went into a drugstore to get 3 boxes of chocolate: small, medium and large – pharmacist asked - small if hold hand, medium if peck on cheek, large is serious kissing

-At dinner the boy prayed for five minutes

-You didn’t tell me you were so religious, you didn’t tell me your day was a pharmacist

-It is a good thing to pray – whatever the circumstances

-According to a 2000 Gallup poll, 90% of Americans say they pray, 86% say they believe in God – that’s interesting (who are they praying to?), 83% favor prayer at graduations and 70% said they would like Christian prayers in schools

-It is a great think that people are so religious and see some possible positive effects of praying

-In the recent past, several studies have come out demonstrating that people who are prayed for recover more quickly from hospitalizations and surgeries

-There is something to this thing we call prayers – it does make a difference

-Jesus tells a parable or story about the importance of prayer

-What would you do if you made an agreement with a contractor to have some work done on your home, they took the money and didn’t complete the work?

-What would you do?

-You would begin by talking to the contractor and getting them to live up to their end of the bargain

-If that didn’t work, you would see the Better Business Bureau, file a suit in small claims court and hopefully get your money back or the work done

-That is situation that the widow in our Gospel lesson today faced

-In Middle Eastern cultures, including the Jewish culture of Jesus’ day, a woman’s rights were not well protected – She needed a husband or some other adult male to ensure her rights

-Not only was this widow hindered by the fact that she was a female without a husband to stick up for her but she was also impeded by the fact that he judge that had jurisdiction was not a kind nor fair person

-The widow understood that she wasn’t going to get what she desired without asking for it

-She went repeatedly and asked this Judge Wapner on steroids for justice and he repeatedly denied his request

-However, by her persistence he finally caved

-Even an evil person, faced with the right circumstances will do the right thing

-I heard this story a few weeks ago on the radio – two men decided to break into a warehouse and steal some copper wire – the new big crime these days

-What they didn’t know is that there were policemen in the warehouse doing K-9 training. One officer had hidden in the warehouse and the K-9 cop called for him to come out or he would release the dog.

-One of the criminals, thinking that the had been nabbed, came out with his hands up

-Once they did a cursory search they found his accomplice

-That was some of the easiest police work they’ve ever had to do

-Similarly, the evil judge finally caved when he realized that she wasn’t going to give up until she got justice

-He realized that it was in his own best interests – and that’s all he really cared about – to get her off his back

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