Summary: Know the value and power of good old fashioned preaching!

There is a cutting power in preaching. Preaching is a heart cry, a bold declaration. It is not an explanation. Preaching is a heralding, a proclamation and a declaration. It is not an apology. It is the urgency of the Master Himself ringing out through His yielded vessel. It is an outpouring of the river of God , yea a river of God that slays the enemy.

Saints of old were preachers. Not performers. Men and women who could stand up anywhere and declare, "Jesus Saves" No suave 5 point sermon they gave, but a passionate plea that rent the hearts of the hearers and paved the way for the Holy Spirit. It was bold declarations springing from the heart. The hearers had to do something. They had to repent or reject. But they could not keep quiet.

They say that all that is passé and old fashioned now. But, Jesus went about preaching…….

In an open air crusade, a young zealous but untaught pastor was exhorting the crowd to worship God. How could they? There were many unconverted in that crowd, many who had not accepted the Saviour. Many who had never accepted the glorious gospel. The music built up to a crescendo and the pastor cried out. " God is very close to you. There is no need for preaching now. Reach out and touch Him " A state of expectancy had been built up, but that was all.

When the time came to preach, the man of God opened his mouth and out of his innermost being, the river of God began to flow. Like a mighty river, his words poured out, cutting through the crowd, even to the hearts of the watchers and the passers by on the nearby roads. It was not with the wisdom of mans words, but it filled the hearts of hungry hearers. His words shut the mouth of the enemies of righteousness and paved the way for the Kingdom of the Most High.

Dozens were saved and born again by the washing away of sins and the operation of the Holy Ghost.

In many a service today, they rant and they rave for well over two hours. But when the man with the Bible comes to preach before the people, he is cautioned to watch the time and finish the message in fifteen minutes. Oh ! What a tragedy. What substitutes have been developed to shut down the voice of preaching !

Let the preacher come and let us hear some preaching : for Jesus went about preaching……….

If you have the Spirit of God, cry out your message - while there is time and freedom to do so. Fear not what men may think. Seek not the favour or honour of men but cry out that glorious message, "Jesus Saves" Declare it from the heart. Shout it till the echoes fill the air. The Spirit of the Lord has come on you that you may preach! Declare those two words at every opportunity and you are beginning to preach.

Now, take these scriptures with you and may the devil of timidity lose its hold on the children of God.

I have preached righteousness in the great congregation.

Ps 40:9

The poor have the gospel preached to them. Math 11:5

This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness and then shall the end come. Math 24:14.

He preached in their synagogues throughout all Galilee and cast out devils. Mark 1:39.

He preached the word unto them. Mark 2:2

They went out and preached that men should repent. Mark 6:12

Go into all the world and preach the gospel…….and they went forth and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word with signs following. Amen. Mark 16: 15 - 20.

Repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name. Luke 21:47.

Philip went down to Samaria and preached Christ unto them. Acts 8:5

The disciples testified and preached the word of the Lord. Acts 8:25.

Then Philip opened his mouth and began at the same scripture, and preached unto him Jesus. Acts 8:35.

They preached the gospel to that city. Acts 14:21

And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you. 1 Peter 1:25.

He went and preached unto the spirits in prison. 1 Peter 3:19

The spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed me to preach……Luke 4: 18

Preach the preaching that I bid thee. Jonah 3:2

As ye go, preach saying……..Math 10:7

That which ye hear in the ear, preach ye upon the housetops. Math 10:27

Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also; for therefore came I forth. Mark 1:38

I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also for therefore am I sent. Luke 4:43

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Robert L. Scofield

commented on Jan 1, 2007

I like that. Preaching is a heart cry, a river of God that slays the enemy. I like that. That is what this world needs. John the Baptist must have preached like that. Preach on!

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