Summary: This sermon takes a look at Peters sermon.

Preaching with Power and Purpose: Acts 2:13-39

A pastor and his wife were driving to visit Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas.

Their daughter asked the inevitable question, “Are we almost there?”

The father said, “No, we are still 150 miles away.”

She asked, “Well, how long is that?”

“Well, honey, it’s about three more hours.”

She didn’t say anything for a few moments as she thought about what three hours must be.

She leaned forward from the back seat to the front, making sure she could see her mother’s face and said, “Mommy, is that as long as one of Daddy’s sermons?”

Peter didn’t waste any time getting to the point in spite what the mockers had to say.

In Peters sermon Jesus was...

1. PROVED by the Holy Spirit v. 15-21

2. PRESENTED in person v. 22-24

3. PROPHESIED by David v. 25-26

4. PROCLAIMED by Peter v. 36-39

Take for instance the interaction between a pastor and young boy in a certain congregation. It seems this particular congregation loved good fellowship and always served coffee after the sermon. One Sunday the pastor asks a little boy if he knew why they served the coffee. "I think," said the boy, "it’s to get the people awake before they drive home."

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