Summary: An exposition of Ephesians 1: 3 - 5.

Eph. 1: 3-5


Meeting Creek Oct. 1/00

Opposing forces demonstration: Have two people sit back to back with arms interlocked and then stand up using co-operation. Then have one or the other try to stand up without the help of the other

Everything in God’s creation works that way

- muscles

- planets

- rain

This same principle is true in many teachings of scripture.

God’s holy wrath and God’s love


But I get ahead of myself

vs 3 intro to blessings

-divide into three

-past- choosing

-present- adoption and redemption

-future- unification

(covers every spiritual blessing)

- remember it is all "in Christ"

today past blessing of God’s choosing or election vv.4-6

The opposite side of the tension

1: 11-13 - we heard and believed

Both are true and yet we can not solve what others haven’t

The blessing Paul focuses on is just the one side and that is what we will focus on here

"you are special, God wants you!!"

- do you ever feel down or inadequate?

- do you ever feel unworthy?

- do you ever feel like giving up?

Remember choosing teams - You have been chosen

You did not deserve it

-when did it happen? v.4

For what are you chosen?

- to be holy and blameless v.4

- to join his family v.5

- to bring Him praise and glory v.6

How does this affect your life?

No matter what others think or tell you are exactly what God had in mind

you were chosen for a purpose. Will you live up to it? (Olympic basketball)

You can not work for something that was given before you excited

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