Summary: God speaks to us and uses events in our lives to prepare us for what He wants us to do.

Ten Plagues: The Lord Prepares Us

Exodus 3:4 then 4:11-14:31

I. Is it okay to question something God wants to do or already has done?

II. Lord calls on Moses, Responds faithfully here I am, but then in 3:11 he questions, 1st time. 3:13 Moses questions 2nd time. God tells Moses exactly what he’s going to do.

III. 4:1 Questions 3rd time. 4:3-9 Shows Moses miracles, still in 4:10 he questions. God responds with 4:12

IV. 18-31 Moses leaves and God also talks to Aaron, Moses and Aaron will to work together.

V. 5:1-21 Ask pharaoh to let Israel go. Pharaoh refuses and makes the work of the Israelites harder, making them despise Moses and Aaron.

VI. 5:22 Moses questions 4th time, Lord establishes himself and again tells Moses what he is going to do. 6:12 Questions 5th time, Lord answers, then Moses immediately questions him again, 6:30 = 6th time. Lord again tells everything that is to happen.

VII. 7:8 Lord tells Moses to tell Aaron to perform miracle, Because Moses did not have enough faith? Pharaoh’s heart naturally becomes hard fulfilling Gods prophecy

VIII. 1st Plague: 7:14-19, reveals work to Moses, but Aaron, 2nd, must perform the miracle. Again pharaoh’s heart turns hard naturally.

IX. 2nd Plague: 8:1-15, Moses is told, Aaron does the action. But, Moses speaks for God. Moses prays and Lord answers.

X. 3rd Plague: 8:16-19, Moses hears and Aaron acts, again pharaoh’s heart is naturally hardened even though Magicians say it is the hand of God.

XI. 4th Plague: 8:20-32, The Lord does the action directly, not through Aaron or Moses. Moses speaks for the Lord again, but God grants his prayer. Pharaoh’s heart is hardened naturally.

XII. 5th Plague: 9:1-7, Again the Lord directly acts. Pharaoh’s heart naturally hard.

XIII. Why would the Lord directly act, rather than have Aaron or Moses act?

XIV. 6th Plague: 9:8-12, Moses acts! Why now? Lord hardens the pharaoh’s heart.

XV. 7th plague: 9:13-35, Moses again does the action. Pharaoh’s heart naturally hardened.


VI. 8th Plague: 10:1-20, Lord has hardened the Pharaoh’s heart. Moses again does the action. Lord hardens the Pharaoh’s heart.

XVII. 9th Plague: 10:21-29, Moses does action; Lord hardens Pharaoh’s heart.

XVIII. 10th plague: 11:1-10, set up for Passover.

XIX. 12:1-27, The Lord creates Passover and describes what it is, and the significance, Pass Over. 28-36, People are allowed to leave, given all the silver as a repartition for all the harsh treatment.

XX. 13:1-16, Goes over more Passover, and dedication of firstborn to God.

XXI. 1317-22, God lead them the whole way, always clearly in front of them, preparing the way.

XXII. 14:1-31, God Instructs Moses, who does not question. Lord hardens pharaoh’s heart, which gives chase. Moses takes a huge stand for the Lord in faith. Speaks eloquently, which he could not do before. Through Moses the Israelites pass through the Red Sea and the Egyptian army is destroyed. Moses brought the Israelites out of Egypt.

Is it okay to question God?

Why didn’t Moses perform all of the plagues?

Moses questioned 5 times! This is why Aaron did the first plagues, not Moses. Moses did not have complete faith. I think the plagues where used to prepare Moses for standing in faith and the parting of the Red Sea. He prepares all of us. These times as youth are to prepare us. before i became a christian, I went to many church camps and some many awesome things. I went through many altar calls and experienced what it was like, even though I never truly became a believer. all those times of seeing and feeling these great things were to prepare me for what I am going to do and am doing right now. I think that God could have been showing all those miracles just to prepare moses for that one instance when he stood up in faith without the pushing of God, and save the israelites through the parting of the Red Sea.

Just as the cloud, God has the path laid out before us, all we need to do is have faith and walk on the path, not off of it. He will guide us, as he did Moses.

Take Home: He is preparing you

Walk firm in faith, and he will guide and use you.

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