Summary: What does God prepare us for? He prepares us to worship, work, witness and walk.

Intro: We are told that when John Huss was arrested and informed that he would be burned to death for his faith, he purposely practiced holding his hand over fire to prepare for his final test. He burned himself in preparation. He wanted to be faithful to the end. Moody Monthly, April, 1990, p. 76.

This entire passage is about God preparing Moses to be the deliverer for Israel. Before we look at how God prepared Moses we have to ask for what purpose does God prepare us?

1) Worship – This is the bowing of our selves before another who is worthy

2) Work -- Ephesians 2:10 “For we are His creation, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time so that we should walk in them.” God has prepared things for us to do so that others will see Him in us

3) Witness -- Moses and Pharaoh were to be a witness to God. Listen to what Paul says about Pharaoh in Romans 9:17 “For the Scripture tells Pharaoh: I raised you up for this reason so that I may display My power in you and that My name may be proclaimed in all the earth.”

Paul is quoting Exodus 9:16 “However, I have let you live for this purpose: to show you My power and to make My name known in all the earth.”

4) Walk -- A call to a different lifestyle and way of living than the rest of the world.

There is a very important question that we must ask ourselves as we continue to and through the exodus. It will be raised by Moses response to God, Israel’s response to Moses, Pharaoh’s response to God and the plagues, Israel’s response to hardship in the wilderness. The ultimate question of the Exodus is (Wed night people), “Who is in Control?”

Is Pharaoh in control or is God? Is Moses in control or is God? Is Israel in control or is God? Am I in control or is God? When we take control of situations in our life it often leads to mistakes, failure and frustration. It can also lead to others getting hurt because of desire to do what God should do. Today we can learn from Moses, What to do when faced with failure.

I. The mistakes that Moses made

A) Moses misunderstood the timing of God’s call

Exodus 2:11-12 Years later, about the time Moses was 40 he went out to his own people. Went out is the word used when Israel went out of exodus. Moses is beginning to identify with the people of Israel in order to save them. He is leaving the things of Egypt behind. What a beautiful picture of Jesus. He left His home in heaven all the position and power in order to identify with you and me!

He sees some of his people being mistreated. The word used for mistreated is actually a word that can be translated beat or kill. Moses is most likely saving the life of one of his Hebrew brothers. Stephen tells us in Acts 7:27-25 Moses murdered the Egyptian and thinks Israel will understand he is to be their deliverer. Moses mistakenly thought that it was his hands that would bring deliverance to Israel.

B) Moses misunderstood methods of God’s call

Moses resorted to man’s methods to accomplish God’s work. What did that lead to?

His Hebrew brothers rejected Moses, his leadership and his plans to free God’s people were frustrated. We must understand God’s work is never accomplished by man’s methods.

Moses resorted to murder to save His Hebrew brother, was murder His only resort? Most likely not as a son of Pharaoh he could probably have dealt with the overseer in many different ways.

Passion is very useful for us to do God’s work unless that passion is misdirected. Moses resorted to murder. Why was this not God’s plan?

Murder is ultimately a result of hatred.

Betsie Tenboom and her sister Corrie Tenboom Placed in a concentration camp for giving safe haven to Jews. One day at Ravensbrück, a guard was savagely beating Betsie for not meeting her work quota. Corrie imagined taking a pick axe and hacking the Nazi to death. That is not God’s way for His people. As Betsie said to her sister, “No hate, Corrie, no hate.” Hatred is not the way of the cross; nor is violence the way of Christ, who said, “You have heard that it was said, “Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.” But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also” (Matt 5:38, 39)

Moses crime of murder stands a permanent warning against anger or any other out of control emotion. Moses was trying to accomplish God’s goals man’s way and that always leads to a mess.

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