Summary: God has a miracle catch of souls for you. Learn how to receive it.

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Preparing for a Miracle Catch

By Pastor Fernando Cabrera

John 21:1-14 for free audio/video sermons

1. Make a decision (v.3)

a. What you have and don’t have is based on the choices you make

b. “I am going fishing”…where are you going?

i. Your decision will determine your destination

2. Determine to work through the night (v.3b)

a. They were empty handed

b. Sometimes we don’t see Jesus in the dark

i. Why do we go through the “dark phase”?

1. It is to bring us to the place where we feel inadequate in our strength (15:5)

a. The disciples never caught fish without Jesus

c. Break of day is coming

i. New morning symbolizes a new era

1. it is a new era in the history of our church, where we will be entering in the miracle catches

2. When will we enter into this new era?

a. When we take Jesus at his word

i. The first quality of discipleship – obey the word

3. Listen for a strategy from Jesus (v.6)

a. Eventhough they had the presence of Jesus, they still needed to obey the word of Jesus

i. When you obey you enter into the level of the outrageous

1. the realm of the unreasonable

a. The steering oar would be on the right side, nets would normally be cast on the left.

i. God often calls us to do the unreasonable to experience the unbelievable

ii. All you need is a strategy

1. I really believe that God is calling some of you to throw your net in this lower part of Morris Avenue

a. There are much fish there

b. Jesus is asking, “Are you achieving the catch that you want?”

i. “Children, you do not have any fish, do you?” (v.5)

4. Dive into the vision (v.7)

a. Why did he put on the outer garment, since it would slow him down?

i. Two reasons:

1. How would Peter had greeted Jesus without being dressed?

2. There was not hesitation and procrastination – He was hungry for more!

5. Pull the net (v.8-11)

a. 100 yards = not far

i. in the next 100 days we will have a miracle catch, but you must pull all 100 days…not 50 or 70, but 100 days

b. 153 fish

i. in the next 100 days 150 cells

1. Ezekiel 47 – totality of nations

ii. By the way, if they counted fish, how much more should be count souls

c. If we all pull together in the same direction, the net will not tear

i. When we work as a network, no strain of ministry or pressures can tear us apart

1. v. 11 “torn” schizo

2. The Devil wants us to have broken nets

a. You are a knot that hold the fish

b. The devil hates the net because he hates unity

ii. Law of Division of Labor

1. Christ tell us what to do, and if we do not obey , he does not do our job for us

a. Jesus had his own fish and bread…Peter get your own fish

2. v.10 Jesus was saying, “Bring me some fish” – bring me some souls

6. Get the new fire (v.9)

a. There are only two places where you will find the greek word “charcoal fire” in the New Testament

i. John 18:18 and here

1. Jesus will reverse your fire of failure into the fire of divine future

a. Some of you have felt like you have failed Jesus, but today he gives you new fire for a successful future

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