Summary: We are in a war, our family is at stake. Are we prepared to fight and win this war?

Battle Plan Part 1

Ephesians 6:10ff

Imagine going into battle and not having the proper equipment. How effective could we be in that battle? Armor is for protection, in order to help us "fight" we have to guard what we have so we can battle more effectively.

In today’s society, we are in a battle, a spiritual battle against principalities and powers in heavenly realms, the price is our salvation, and the prize is heaven. But these powers we fight against do not fight fair. They target our weaknesses, they target our children, and we have to be better equipped to win this fight.

In the next few segments we will examine the armor and see how it is used. As GI Joe said, knowing is half the battle.

In order to fight the good fight we have to be prepared. We go into training (Bible Study and prayer) just like any other organization that might have to fight like firefighters, Police, military and the like. We go into strict training so that when a situation arises we handle it and not panic (or at least not show it). The same for Christians, Our enemy is on the prowl day and night and we have to be ready.

The first command in this segment is to be strong. Any athlete has to build strength and endurance. They run, the lift weights, they exercise. Anyone who has ever done this to any extent will tell you it is easier when you do it with someone. We train and we encourage, we spot and we pick each other up. The same goes for our spiritual training, we need each other, we need the encouragement, we need to push each other to move on and go higher. That is what fellowship is supposed to be all about.

Be strong in the Lord (verse 10), no Lone Ranger stuff, in fact even he had a partner.

This ringing passage sounds a call to arms. What Paul writes here concerning the Christian warfare is the external counterpart of his emphasis on the inward growth and edification of the church. The body of Christ must be united and built up so as to be ready for the inevitable encounter with evil. Each believer needs to be prepared for the fight. This passage may represent a kind of baptismal charge. Its text is "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong" (1Cor 16:13).

1CO 16:13 Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.

Our Strength:

1. In The LORD

a. Of ourselves we have none

b. Our Enemy is spiritual

c. We need each other.

d. "’not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty" (Zech 4:6),

Put On: Military command to be ready, get ready, be prepared to do something.

1. Full Armor

a. Not just a sword and a shield

b. Each piece serves and important function in battle.

c. So we can stand against the Devil.

In any battle we have to know our enemy.

1. Spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms

2. Not flesh and blood that is not of human origin

3. Do Not underestimate the strength of our enemy

a. He will take you further than you want to go

b. He will keep you there longer than you want to stay

c. It will cost you more than you want to pay

d. He does not fight fair

e. He does not give up.

We are commanded to put on the Full Armor so that we can hold our ground. (v13). It is important for us to take a stand and be able to hold that stand. In the letters to the seven churches we are commanded to hold fast to the teachings we have in Christ so that we have something to hand on to the next generation.

To Stand ( 4 times in verses 10-14) military term. The exhortation to stand repeats the emphasis in vv. 11, 13 on the need for immovable steadfastness in the face of a ruthless foe. In v. 13 Paul talked about standing firm in the midst of battle. Now he writes at greater length about standing ready in anticipation of it.

The Armor:

1. Belt of Truth:

a. Shows readiness to do battle.

b. Utility type belt to hold several items we need in Battle.

c. Psalms 51:6

d. It will hold the Breast plate in place

e. Hold the scabbard for the sword

f. Isaiah 11:5

2. The Breast Plate

a. Thorax: Chest area front and back

b. Offers protection from neck to thighs.

c. Isaiah 59:17

We are at war. This war was declared at the Garden of Eden, fought and won at Calvary. The final battle, conflict will be won by Jesus when He returns. Until then we have to fight, we have to be prepared, we have to arm ourselves. Next week more on the armor and our greatest weapons,Remember, we need each other, even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.

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