Summary: What are right things and wrong things to do for battle?

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We begin today revisiting the famous story of David against Goliath.

Since it is not stated in Scriptures, Bible Scholars guess that David was fairly tall but probably no taller than 7 feet. How tall was Goliath??

Goliath was a giant; Goliath would be a hero for March Madness; Goliath wouldn’t have to jump to dunk a basketball!!

Because there is so much to learn from this story of David and Goliath, we will spend at least 3 weeks on it. We will read 1 Samuel 17:1-37 today but we will focus on v1-20 highlighting the right things and the wrong things to do as one prepares for battle! Open your bibles to 1 Samuel 17 and read along with me…..

As we had noted earlier in the book of 1 Samuel, the Philistines have been God’s enemy since the beginning of the nation of Israel. And so the battle continues here in 1 Samuel 17; we note in v1-3: the battle lines were set between Israel and the Philistines.

v4-10: enter Goliath!! (show pic) Yes, Goliath was an enemy of Israel, but what did Goliath do right for battle?

v5? wore protective equipment!

v6? had a ready weapon!

v7? had a helper

v8-10? challenged his enemies

Goliath, the enemy of God’s people, got ready for battle!

but what do we note about god’s people in v11?? God’s people were dismayed and terrified for battle!

Think about this for a moment, At this point (to v11), Israel already lost the battle! Goliath couldn’t be beaten; the Israelites were scared!

But here’s the good news, Israel is God’s Chosen People! And because Israel is God’s Chosen People, although lost, God protects a remnant! This of course is a lesson for us. As Christians, never see yourselves defeated! God’s handling of Israel, his Chosen People, is an example for Christians. Jesus won it all for you as a Christian; As a Christian, never see yourself defeated!

And so v12-15: enter David! A couple of questions from this passage:

a. Why did David go back and forth from Saul to Jesse??

b. Did David know there was a war??

And so, what can we say about David based on these truths? Obviously, although there was a war, King Saul allowed David to go back and forth to home. As resources were available, David obeyed the authorities, both his father and his king, without sinning!

Now in V16: How long was Goliath making a fool of the Israelites??

Isn’t it interesting; the Israelites had no answer to Goliath! Why didn’t the giant and his army just attacked the Israelites?

What did we learn last week for 1 Samuel 16? God orchestrates, people are to participate! God allowed the mocking for over a month because God was orchestrating! And how did God get David to the front line to hear Goliath’s mocking?

v17-19: God used Jesse’s concern for his sons to get David in the battle lines! Concern for family during war is a right thing to do!

We will end our lesson for today with v20…

What 2 right things did David do as he went to the battle line??

a. found someone to take care of responsibility at home

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