Summary: there will alwyas be battles in our lives, how do we handle them?

Have you ever faced a situation in which you knew there will be a battle? At work? At school? With your relatives? With your neighbors? How should you prepare for battle?

What are the right things to do before going to battle?

We can learn much from Joshua and the Israelites as they got ready to cross the Jordan River. Please open your Bibles to the Book of Joshua…. Look briefly with me Joshua 1:1-2….

God Himself told Joshua and the Israelites to cross the Jordan River and claim the Land of Canaan.

Now, read along with me now Joshua 3….

God told Joshua and the Israelites to cross the Jordan River (Joshua 1:1-2). Now, we read that they camped before crossing the river. How long did they camp??

Joshua and the Israelites camped for 3 days before crossing the Jordan River; they were told by God to cross the River but we really don’t read God telling them to wait 3 days. Why did they wait? Look back to Joshua 1:10-11… What else do you think they did for 3 days??

Joshua and the Israelites waited 3 days before crossing the Jordan River to:

- get their provisions ready

- likely pray

- likely some planning (now, of course it’s possible that God gave them instructions but we’re not told)

And so God notes for us in v2: after the 3 days, instructions were given. What is the focus of this main instruction??

v3-4: As the Israelites were to move forward, the focus must be of worship of God (follow and revere)!

v5: The people were to consecrate themselves -= sanctify, purify = have a cleansed heart before God!

v7-13: God spoke to give further instructions and promises!

What was the important thing that Joshua did??

Joshua gathered the people to listen to the Word of God!

v14-17: The people followed God’s instructions and God performed a miracle!!

How amazing was the miracle; what were the details of the miracle??

Show picture….

Do we have rivers to cross and battles to face? Maybe not right now, but we will all face “rivers to cross and battles to face” in the future. Let us remember the Biblical principles given by God to us from Joshua 3:

1. Is the “river to cross and battle to face” in our lives really God’s plan for our lives?

Because all of us still sin, and the whole world is sinful, there will be battles to fight left and right! But before tackling these battles, we are to prioritize as God directs. Are the battles we are facing God driven or self-driven. We must first give ourselves to the Lord; yield to God first; stop fighting against God; humility before your Creator God is a must to be victorious in life!

2. Before attacking something large, pause for 3 days to pray, plan, and prepare!

3. As we take action in obeying God, focus on worship of your loving Creator God!

Are we really doing things for His glory or for ourselves?

God tell us “consecrate yourself”, meaning always have a cleansed heart with the power of Christ!

Show diagram…. Always check the throne of your heart (Is Jesus really in charge?)

4. Worship of God requires continuous listening to Him!

Is what I am doing really biblical?

5. Share with people what God says!

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