Summary: Like the First Advent, the Second Coming too will be preceded by a new move of God with miracles, signs and wonders. What can we expect in the new move of God?


As we approach Christmas we remember the First Coming of Jesus and we look forward to His Second Coming. This First Advent was a new move of God coming after over 400 years of silence.

We can learn from the First Advent even as we prepare for a new move of God that will usher in the Second Advent.

Let us look at this passage and discover 5 things about a new move of God:

I It is Initiated by God (v 26-28)

1. God sent the angel Gabriel. There must have been a lot of prayer going up for deliverance from the Romans and for the promised Messiah. God sends in response to prayer!

2. He sent the angel to a person: Mary. God uses ordinary people ¡V here a teenaged girl. Many virgins in Israel but He chose Mary. Many great revivals come through young people. God is looking for a man/woman (Eze 22:30).

3. There is a timing of God (Gal 4:4). The time (chronos) had fully come; it was the kairos moment.

II It can be Quite Disturbing (vv. 29-33)

1. Mary was greatly troubled! She was not used to angelic visitations. This was something new. We need to be prepared for new things: Holy Spirit gifts, signs, wonders, leadings.

2. When God starts something He does not often consider our comfort our convenience. She was being told of becoming pregnant before marriage!

3. She was given some amazing prophecies! It was perhaps beyond her understanding and comprehension. He is able to do abundantly more than all we can ask or imagine (Eph 3:20).

III It Happens by the Holy Spirit (vv. 34-35)

1. How will this be? The new move of God will be by the Holy Spirit. If God is showing you something impossible you can be sure that it will be by His Spirit (Zec 4:6).

2. God will give us understanding if we are willing to cooperate. Mary¡¦s question was not one of unbelief but just understanding (c.f., v. 18). We need to seek understanding from the Lord rather than just marveling or out right unbelief.

3. Everything of God begins with a seed. Mary would conceive this seed in her womb and bring it forth to maturity. Don¡¦t abort the seeds of God with unbelief or by sin. We must become pregnant with the vision of God. Mary treasured these things in her heart (vv. Luk 2:19, 51)

IV It Comes with Signs (vv. 36-37)

1. Elizabeth who was barren was going to have a child. God gives us signs so that we don¡¦t need leaps of faith but just steps.

2. Signs tell us that nothing is impossible with God, i.e., nothing that God decrees is impossible.

V It Comes through Willing Vessels (v. 38)

1. I am the Lord¡¦s servant (doule)! The move of God comes through willing vessels. The bondservant has given up all rights to the master.


Are you praying for a new move of God in our nation/city/church? God will do it! Get ready!

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